We choose varnish craquelure

We choose varnish craquelure

At the moment varnish craquelure is the most popular among all types of varnishes. The craquelure, and also varnish python, is varnish with effect of cracks. The prices of such type of varnish vary depending on the producer. It is on sale in small bottles that gives the chance constantly to change the image.

The effect craquelure is often used in design and art. For example artists use such effect to give old times for their works. And what to tell, the word "craquelure" in translation from French and means "cracks". Now such effect is used also in cosmetics. Thanks to it everyone can houseconditionsdecorate in the nails with this varnish and create various effects — from gentle porcelain to the expressed snakeskin.

Several components basis which will be appeared through cracks, and varnish which will just burst and create effect craquelure enter this type of varnish. Because of it it is important to select colors for varnish which will approach to each other. If you have near at hand no varnish for basis, then you can apply varnish craquelure and on "naked" nails.

As for putting varnish of craquelure, everything needs to be made in several stages. First, it is necessary to degrease nail plate. Further, if you have varnish for basis, then it is necessary to apply it on nail. It is important to wait until the basis dries. After the main varnish has completely dried, apply varnish craquelure on basis. While it dries, you can observe as on varnish small cracks are gradually formed. If you do not want to gain the effect which has peeled off paints instead of beautiful and accurate cracks, then after drying of craquelure it is desirable to apply on it varnish-fixer. There are some cunnings and subtleties concerning drawing craquelure. Effect of varnish are divided into "rigid" and "soft". Everyone prefers different types. They differ in thickness and expressiveness of cracks — at "rigid" they big and strongly expressed, and at "soft" they thin are more similar to spider line. To achieve "rigid" effect it is important to put every time varnish with clean brush and thick layers. For this purpose after everyone putting varnish is better to wipe brush. For achievement of "soft" karkelyur you need to do everything in accuracy on the contrary. Karkelyur it is necessary to put with small layer and at the same time the brush should not be wiped constantly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team