We create beautiful, healthy and well-groomed legs. We carry out house pedicure

We create beautiful, healthy and well-groomed legs. We carry out house pedicure

Today the pedicure is offered in many beauty shops, not always giving guarantee that during the procedure some infection will not be brought. Quite perhaps, besides safely to put legs in order in house conditions.

It should be taken into account that for full-fledged pedicure it is necessary to allocate one or one and a half hours of time and to stock up with necessary tools: pedicure scissors, tweezers for cuticle, nail files for grinding and polishing, brush or pumice for legs. It is desirable to have dividers for fingers and wooden stick for moving away of cuticle. If you have seriously decided to be engaged in house pedicure, it is better to buy special set for this procedure at once, than to buy tools on one. Besides, it is necessary to prepare basin with rather warm water and towel and also foot cream in advance, it is the best of all nutritious.

First of all it is necessary to carry out preparation for pedicure. For this purpose it is necessary to wash up legs and to remove varnish from nails. The next stage – steaming of legs: they need to be taken in warm water with addition of sea salt or shower gel until skin becomes soft and gentle-pink. For this purpose about 10 minutes will be required. Then the coarsened part of foot needs to be removed with pumice. Upon termination of the procedure it is necessary to walk dry towel. After steaming the nails become soft. At this time they also need to be cut accurately.

At good manicure the nails on all fingers, except big, have to be shortly cut (exactly or semicircle). The nail on thumb has to be slightly longer – it will protect finger from friction of footwear and emergence of callosity.

The following step – arrangement of nail plate. It is one cuticle better to put the special softening means (cream or gel), then to remove it by means of stick. The cut nails need to be filed in the direction from edges to the center. After that it is careful to grind and polish nail plate.

When nails are put in order, it is possible to start foot peeling. For it it is necessary to arrange one more bath, then to walk dry and by means of pumice and file to get rid of residues of the coarsened leather. If on foot there are natoptysh, they can be removed accurately with tweezers, and then file. In the presence of pedicure set it is better to use the razor which is available in it. The peeling comes to an end with drawing srub and after full drying of legs – nutritious cream.

Doing pedicure, it is possible just to apply cream, but cosmetologists advise periodically to indulge legs any vegetable oil, adding to it couple of drops of any aromatic oil. It will serve as the fine nutritious and softening means.

Now it was necessary to varnish nails. That it kept longer, nails at first need to be wiped with special means without acetone and whenever possible to cover them with basis for varnish. Varnish is recommended to be applied in two layers, after full drying it is desirable to apply fixer. Every two weeks is required to carry out such labor-consuming procedure. And during all this time it is necessary to maintain beauty of legs: to daily apply cream and the deodorizing means, once a week to use srub for feet, to regularly file nails if necessary, to watch quality of varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team