We do braid ziz

We do braid ziz

Many girls refuse in advance weaving of Afro-braids when they learn how many it will borrow time and will demand money. Today in the industry of beauty the alternative method of weaving which is brought to your attention is developed.

Pluses and minuses of braids of ziza the Main advantage of this way is speed, completely to be controlled it will turn out in 4 hours. Besides, classical Afro-braids are much more expensive. The low cost of braids of ziza is caused by use of the special tool instead of handwork. In difference from usual African braids this technology does not assume vpleteniye in hair of natural threads. Except saving of time and money, it significantly facilitates work of the stylist. Materials of braids of ziza not disposable. If to carry them it is accurate and right to look after them, then old preparations can be braided anew.

Technology of ziza

As weaving of braids of ziza will cope with such task any professional. Beauty shops as a rule buy professional quality material and have constant suppliers. The expert among other things will be able to tell about further hair care. It is possible to braid braids of ziza and at home, having invited to itself the expert.

Producers offer wide choice of shades of braids of ziza: more than 25. Preparations differ also in form: there are usual straight lines, corrugated and also wavy and spiral. The technique of weaving of braids of ziza on differs in complexity. For a start it is necessary to wash up hair and carefully to comb them. Then it is necessary to divide bunches of hair into locks diameter not more widely centimeter floor. Each such lock intertwines with one or two thin braids which are issued then through breyda. It is recommended to braid ziza braids on hair 7-25 cm long, but the technology allows also weaving on longer hair. Braids of ziza are produced from light natural material therefore do not make heavier hair. They are harmless even to the fine, weak and whipped hair. For these reasons of braid of ziza pregnant women and the feeding women can braid even. Moreover, as such hairstyle does not demand a lot of time for leaving, it as well as possible is suitable for saturated way of life of young mothers. Hairstyles from ziza braids Wattled braids can be considered ready hairstyle, but for a change it is possible to try to lay them differently. Even direct braids can be wound and by means of wave to give them volume. It is possible to braid one or two not really hard braids, the fish tail will approach. Braids can be divided into 2 parts, to twirl them and to stretch around the head from one and other party. It is possible to fix plaits by hairpin or elastic band. Braids can just be collected on the top in horse tail, and to hide elastic band by means of several braids wrapped around the tail basis. In principle from small braids of ziza it is possible to do any plaits, for example, cone or openwork braid half moon in the bottom of the head.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team