We do curls on hair of average length

We do curls on hair of average length

Hair of average length often bring a lot of trouble: they still have insufficiently grown to create difficult hairstyles, but at the same time too long for negligent thoughtless laying. Ideal option for hair of average length is the wave of various curls.

The hair styled in curls of various form and the sizes never get out of fashion and are appropriate as as daily, and festive laying. For creation of beautiful curls both specialized means of forming of curls, and improvised materials can be used. If for any reasons there is no opportunity to wind hair on hair curlers or to use nippers, the ancient way of creation of large curls manually will come to the rescue. For this purpose purely washed up hair slightly humidify with warm water and apply on them small amount of mousse for laying. Hair carefully comb, distributing mousse on all their length, and carry out parting in the middle.

Hairbrush with long narrow tail separate small lock 2-3 cm wide and accurately twist it around forefinger. Future curl is carefully fixed invisible hairpin or hairdresser's clip then pass to the following lock. Hair on occipital and parietal zone are recommended to be wound in the direction from forehead to nape, it will give to curls naturalness.

The wound hair carefully dry phenom, trying to avoid creation of excessively hot air. After hair completely cool down, accurately take clips, and the turned-out curls carefully comb fingers. The form the ready hairstyle is given by means of hairbrush with rare teeths, apply small amount of wax to fixing of hairstyle.

For forming of beautiful curls the hair have to be dried very well up: even slightly damp lock will instantly get out of the shape.

Creation of effective curls in retro style, demands preliminary careful combing of hair so that there was no confused lock left. Hair humidify from spray, apply laying gel and evenly distribute it on all length. Laying is begun with forehead, having clamped small lock between index and middle finger and having created small wavy bend. Behind wave the hair fix by clip and pass to creation of the following bend. In the same order form waves on each lock on both sides of hair parting. After that hair slightly sprinkle varnish or the special fixing spray, cover curls with reticulum for hair and dry phenom.

Instead of reticulum it is possible to use nozzle diffuser for the hair dryer. The main thing that in the course of drying of wave were not deformed.

After drying of hair the clips carefully take out, waves accurately comb fingers, giving them the necessary arrangement in hairstyle. If necessary by means of small amount of wax model curls of separate locks. It is not recommended to use brushes or hairbrushes when laying – they can damage appearance of wave. During creation of large or turbinal curls use hair curlers of the corresponding form or electronippers. Hair need to be divided into four identical sectors and to apply on them small amount laying or the thermoprotectant. The wave is begun with bang, twisting it to forehead then pass to parietal, occipital and sides. For imitation of natural curl it is possible to use hair curlers of various size. Ready curls carefully comb and fix by hairspray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team