We do mint manicure

We do mint manicure

Mint color is very popular, it is meant as bluish-lime shade. At all seasons of the year such light green shade is relevant on nails: in warm time it will cool and will refresh, in cold - will warm, having added energy.

Mint manicure well looks even if you in clothes have no thing of mint color. In itself it is already original, is perfectly combined with black dresses. Let's consider the most popular options of manicure with use of varnish of mint color.

Monophonic manicure

These are simplest option is to paint nails varnish of mint color. This shade can be referred to pastel tones therefore you put it in two layers. With such manicure the white service jacket located or in nail root, or on the ends beautifully looks.

Multicoloring manicure

For that who have no lot of free time coloring of each nail different shade of mint color will become not dull decision. Have them on decrease of saturation. Still well mint manicure which is executed in the equipment to ombra looks. In the second color it is better to take varnish of white color here. Such manicure will be bright, but at the same time not so defiant.

Two-color manicure

Pastel tone among themselves are well combined. So you can dilute cool of mint color with warmth of yellow or pink shades. To make such manicure simply - paint nails layer of mint varnish, wait until it dries, then put the drawing in other color. Patterns can be added with spangles, rhinestones. You can make primary color any pastel color, and mint let acts as service jacket. Especially elegantly such reception looks with silvery fringing through their connection.

Manicure with the drawing or other accent

Over mint manicure it is possible and it is even necessary to do the simple and air drawing, for example, points, snowflakes, specks, simple flowers, circles and contours of figures. It is very fashionable to place emphasis on nail of ring finger. You can paint it at the color chosen in couple to mint. You can make opposite manicure on one finger, for example, if everywhere basis of mint color, and the drawing black, then on one finger make background black, and the drawing - mint.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team