We gather in stomach to wedding

We gather in stomach to wedding

of all the configuration of tummy depends on in what state there are walls of front belly muscle and fat layer. The norm is considered if the belly wall acts only slightly, and at the same time the relief of muscles is noticeable. Muscle tissue of front belly part represents important value. Relaxation of this part of muscles leads to forming of trailing stomach.

To prevent decrepitude of muscles of anterior abdominal wall, it is always necessary to hold exactly back and to exercise stomach muscles.

Complex of tasks for pulling up of muscles of abdominal press

Lesson 1. It is necessary to settle on back, to close fingers on nape, to fix legs and to raise the head and humeral part. To remain in similar pose for 3-4 seconds.

Lesson 2. To fall by rug. To lift and lower direct legs.

Lesson 3. To lie down on back, to put hands along the body, to make stoyechka on shovels and to return slowly to former pose.

Lesson 4. To settle on back, to raise legs before creation of corner in 45 degrees, after that to return to prone position. Without raising leg from floor, to raise the body and to return to initial pose.

Lesson 5. To kneel, arrange handles on belt and to do circular movements by the body clockwise, then in other party.

Lesson 6. Being kneeling, not bending coxofemoral joints, to be curved, bending down back, then to return to former situation.

Lesson 7. To become exactly, slowly to bend leg in knee, tightening it handles to stomach and to return to initial pose. To make the same with the second leg.

Lesson 8. Having hung on gymnastic ladder, to carry out circular movements by legs.

Lesson 9. In pose hung on gymnastic ladder of leg to bend and lift to bust, to reproduce several times.

Lesson 10. To settle on back and to make circular motions by legs in different directions.

All these lessons can be made more difficult if firmly to hold stupnyam ball, to carry out synchronously two movements. It is necessary to do all tasks not less than 15-20 times.

For fixing of cross muscle of stomach it is necessary to do such tasks: to inhale and pull in stomach, to keep in such condition of seconds 7-8, then to relax. This exercise repeats not less than 5-8 times.

Following all exercises, in month there will be thorough result. But to lose excess weight, except physical occupations it is also necessary to reconsider the diet of table – to try to limit reception of high-calorific food.

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