We grow thin by rules – do not do much harm to health

We grow thin by rules – do not do much harm to health

The subject of weight loss was always relevant, and in anticipation of spring especially. Practically all at least once in life asked question: how to lose weight? There are hundreds of diets, each of which promises fast weight loss. However it is worth paying attention to rules at which observance it will be possible to lose weight quickly enough, effectively and that is important, without harm for health.

One of the main factors of healthy weight loss is the correct metabolism (metabolism). If it is broken, it will be heavy to lose weight. How to improve metabolism? First of all, to reconsider food allowance. For good metabolism it is necessary to eat fractionally, small portions. At the same time breaks between meals should not exceed 3 hours. The number of meals — from 5 to 6, the last — at least in 2 hours prior to dream.

Have to be present at diet - meat fillet (chicken, beef), fish, eggs, cottage cheese, kefir, grain (porridge, buckwheat, rice), vegetables and fruit. And also the large role in metabolism is played by water, it is desirable to use it in enough — at least 2 liters a day.

The physical activity was and remains guarantee of health, beautiful figure and slender body. The sport can always find time, whether it be foot walk from the subway before work or school hours in fitness club. Here everything depends on material possibility and the number of free time. Obviously to one — the sport several times will accelerate process of weight loss and will save from such troubles as the drooped skin. Food allowance. Nutritionists will never exclude any product from diet, and will only replace it with more useful. The organism needs all — both fats, and proteins, and carbohydrates... What products should be replaced? For example, chocolate bar — on tile of bitter chocolate, roll — on piece of whole-grain bread, pork shish kebab — on shish kebab from chicken fillet, marinated in kefir... Always it is possible to find way not to remain hungry, without putting itself in accurate framework. In conclusion it is necessary to tell that the large role in weight loss is played by desire to achieve result and will power. And then success is guaranteed!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team