We grow thin easily

We grow thin easily

It is easy to lose weight, at the same time without exhausting itself with diets, without seeing off eyes each piece which is sent to mouth not by you, without withering with a look the potential murderer of those who eats with appetite, and without counting calorie in each dish. Try to use the methods checked by time and scientists who help to live without lipshy weight.


1. Divide and hudeymnogy consider that separate food — great way to lose weight. But this way of food solves rather problems of digestion, than excess weight. If in organism the release of enzymes is broken, separate food is optimum and comfortable for digestion. Food, coming to stomach separately, is digested quicker, does not lie too long in intestines, does not cause processes of fermentation, the person feels ease and it seems to it what grows thin. But, having dumped several kilograms at the very beginning of transition to separate food, the person will cease to lose weight — if does not reduce portion of food.

2. "After six — @-@!" Under this slogan there live many growing thin. But for some reason do not grow thin. Probably, because cannot fall asleep on hungry stomach, and all know that the chronic sleep debt leads to increase in weight. Besides, almost twelve-one-hour break in food is harmful to digestion and even leads to hungry stomach pains because of which you will not fall asleep too. And meanwhile, experts consider what after six in the evening is it is necessary, and those who have supper at nine in the evening, transfer any restrictions in food easier. The question is in what should be eaten for dinner that and for health there was advantage, and to figure there was no harm.

3. Conduct active image zhiznisushchestvut opinion that physical activities and long stay in the fresh air increase appetite. But, as scientists from the University of Massachusetts have found out, inaction raises it even more. As a result of their experiments it has become clear that those who for days on end roll on sofa eat 15% more those who lead active lifestyle. Physically busy persons have no time to think of food. Besides, inactive pastime slows down production of the hormones causing sense of fulness. Here also it turns out that, moving a little, we eat more, and we cannot burn the received calories.

4. Scientists and nutritionists sound the alarm on the fact that people eat from 36 to 56 kg of sugar a year. Fast carbohydrates — more terrible enemy of figure, than even saturated fats. And that sugar that the person receives from fruit, berries and honey, the organism has enough. The most important problem of mankind is excessive consumption of salt. Substance it is necessary for human body for regulation of metabolism, maintenance of constant structure of blood and conductivity of nervous impulses. But for this purpose there are quite enough that chlorine and sodium that already contain in food. In the ancient time, when salt was more expensive than gold, units could taste it, and the mankind at the same time has not died out. And production of sugar has been put on stream only at the end of the 18th century. So it turns out that it is possible to refuse it in general, and to limit salt to 3-5 g a day. Nothing, except advantage for figure and health, from it will be.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team