We grow thin without problems

We grow thin without problems

How many I different diets have tried to lose weight, you just do not imagine! And on juice sat, and carbohydrates refused nearly for month, and fat. With fasting days experimented. But always the most important problems were, first, weakness during diet, and secondly, the fact that after the termination of diet I again quickly gained weight. You do not eat with sense anything, you suffer 3-4 weeks, and then there pass few weeks, and the arrow of scales creeps again up. It was so a pity that hands fell, and there was no wish more to grow thin, to watch itself.

When the girlfriend has brought me one more diet, I at first in every possible way refused. But then has learned that in month at us reunion, there was a wish to look better, and I have decided to keep to diet again. Especially as in it there were several serious pluses. The main part of diet are oranges which are irreplaceable as vitamins in the winter. And still I read that oranges split fats. Generally, I had liked this diet. There is in it still the second main component - it is eggs. In eggs there are a lot of proteins, and in yolks there are so much different vitamins and microelements that then you will not list. Therefore during this diet there should not be such loss of forces, as at other diets.

The first week I 3 times a day instead of breakfast and dinner ate 2 oranges and on 2-3 eggs hard-boiled (I surely cooked them 12 minutes that they were with guarantee cooked longer). For lunch ate plate of vegetables. The second, third and next weeks I also ate oranges and 1-2 eggs, but, in addition, added unlimited number of vegetables and crude fruit. Apples, pears, carrots, beet, cabbage, turnip, greens were used. Saw clear water and herbal tea on currant leaves.

In two weeks I have lost weight by 4 kilograms, and in four weeks after the beginning - already by all 10 kilograms. So use!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team