We humidify and feed sponges in house conditions: how to choose the best lip balm?

We humidify and feed sponges in house conditions: how to choose the best lip balm?

amount of various balms which nourish is presented at the modern cosmetic market and moisten skin of lips. Usually such components as natural wax, extracts of herbs, vegetable oils, antiseptic substances and ultra-violet filters are their part.

Lip balm is means which has to be in make-up bag of any woman. In the course of its choice it is necessary to consider season. For example, winter of lip constantly give in to impact of cold wind and low temperatures. Therefore it is recommended to choose fat and rather nutritious balm with the UV filter.

And here the main spring problem is avitaminosis. Also the increased humidity can negatively affect lips. Therefore it is necessary to try to buy the balms containing vitamins, vegetable oils and antibacterial ingredients. As for summer means for lip care, balm with moisturizing components and UV filters will become optimal variant.

If lips have strongly dried up, before putting balm use the special peeling srub or ointment.

In the fall of sponge it is necessary to prepare not only for adverse weather conditions, but also for lack of vitamins. It means that it is better to buy the balms of complex action uniting vitamins, plant extracts, antibacterial and antiviral components in the structure. One of the most demanded balms for the lips receiving good reviews is the Polish means of Belweder. This balm is quality natural product which part are jojoba oil and rose and also natural wax. It is very easily and quickly absorbed, not leaving any marks. Balm of instant action from the Norwegian Formula company perfectly is suitable for lip care during the winter period of time. It covers them with film and by that, creates peculiar protective mask. Also clear advantage of similar means is instant moistening of skin of lips. The interesting option is balm for lips Natural volume from Nivea. It not only softens lips and gives them beautiful color, but also a little visually increases volume. Balm excellently protects thin skin from winds and frosts. Burbone Vanilla balm from Yves Rocher can provide the maximum food to sponges. It is well absorbed and has great aroma. One of the most effective medical balms for lips in the world Carmex is considered. It helps even when developing herpes and quickly heals cracks on skin. Are part of such means: camphor, phenol and menthol.

Balms for lips of Carmex do not cause accustoming and are not tested for animals.

And here EOS balms are so popular as they do not contain parabens. These means for lips have organic origin and have surprisingly pleasant fruit aromas. This producer offers different balms for summer and winter lip care. Colourless balm with aroma of lemon from The Body Shop has received already much enthusiastic comments. It moisturizes the dry skin of lips during the long period of time and is not felt thanks to the to light texture at all. Also this means is necessary for your sponges at avitaminosis.

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