We improve bearing and gait by means of the Argentina tango

We improve bearing and gait by means of the Argentina tango

Experienced businessmen well know, its appearance is how important for the businessman, on it people judge success, reliability, character of the person at the time of acquaintance and at short communication. Not only the suit and hairstyle matters: it is possible to buy the most expensive clothes and at the same time in it to look ridiculous.

For this reason much more important often there is bearing of the person, his gait, manner to behave, look. Of such "trifles" there is also image. The impression which this image renders on people around will be more favorable, the it will be easier to do business, to agree with business partners and clients.

Trainings according to the Argentina tango will help you not only to improve mutual understanding with other people and to enhance positive traits of character, but also to become more attractive person. It is not only about disposal of excess weight and finding of the tightened, beautiful figure, but also about improvement of bearing and gait.

The Argentina tango demands from dancers of correct posture. It is necessary not only in order that dance looked beautifully and caused sincere admiration in the audience. The fact is that correct posture – one of basic elements of the technology of the Argentina tango. Thanks to it you will be able to keep contact with the partner, not to step it on feet, not to touch people around during dance, it is correct to carry out movements. The faultless bearing will allow you to enjoy comfort during dance. First it will be hardly given, but soon you already learn to hold correctly the head, back and shoulders even those minutes when you do not dance.

Consider that it is beautiful to dance the Argentina tango, without having learned the main steps and without having learned to carry out correctly them, it is impossible. Certainly, figures and combinations are very important, however without well put gait they will be useless. Of course, the tango gait it is appropriate in dance, but not in everyday life, however, having learned it, you will be able to go more attractively not only during the occupations.

The beautiful bearing and gait give to the person not only appeal. Thanks to them dancers of the Argentina tango seem more reliable, successful, cause the most favorable impression. You by all means will notice result. Besides, it will be estimated by people around, can not doubt it.

In the Argentina tango the quality of movements is much more important than their quantity. It is possible to use dozens of different figures and combinations, to decorate dance by additional movements and all the same not to achieve the necessary result. But it is possible and to execute short dance, almost strolling to the sound of music, and at the same time not only to derive pleasure, but also to admire people around.

For this reason it is good to study and rehearse several simple movements much more important, than to use set of figures, without being able to carry out correctly and beautifully any of them. Working on the main movements, steps, embraces and bearing, you by all means will achieve excellent results and will soon notice that you use the new skills and in everyday life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team