We preen feathers in house conditions: selection of original hairstyles

We preen feathers in house conditions: selection of original hairstyles

The shape of the woman depends not only on make-up. One of the main foci is the share of hairstyle. Women in the majority know about shortcomings and advantages of the hair. Some situations demand intervention of professionals, but there are also such hairstyles which can be built also in house conditions.

Creation of hairstyle will require not only hairbrush. The hair dryer, stayler, hairpins, invisible beings, elastic bands, means for laying will become your irreplaceable assistants at hair dressing. Creation of image by means of hairbrush and the hair dryer is art, but it not difficult, is possible for it and it is necessary to learn. Women with short hair use the hair dryer nearly daily so they are perfectly informed on pluses of this way. But also for long-haired ladies the hair dryer will become the irreplaceable assistant.

Curls are invariable attribute of romantic image. At someone by nature beautiful wavy hair which do not demand application of additional efforts and some should spend forces and time for creation of beautiful curlies. Use of stayler will facilitate this task.

For creation of romantic image it is not obligatory to twist all locks, it is enough to tighten up only tips of hair.

Hairpins, invisible beings and scrunchies are irreplaceable during creation of difficult hairstyle when it is necessary to enshrine locks in certain provision, to collect in tail or to braid to the spit. Romantic image Previously carefully wash up the head, dry hair towel and finish laying by means of the hair dryer, giving to hair volume from roots. Comb hair on hair parting. Twist hair at the person in wide plaits which fix on nape by elastic bands. It is necessary to leave one lock not filled. Twist hair which have not entered plaits large curls and lay beautiful wave on all head, having fixed where it is necessary, hairpins or invisible beings. Tighten up the remained lock by means of stayler and leave freely to fall on the person. Record all hairstyle hairspray. Elegant the obrazbabett with braid – one of the most elegant, but at the same time solemn hairstyles. First of all carefully comb hair. Divide head of hear into hair parting, having separated two large locks at temples. That they did not disturb, pin up them clips. On the top also divide hair into two parts and strong record them invisible beings. Cast away upper part of hair that it did not prevent to work from lower which needs to be combed magnificently. Turn off the combed hair into the roller and fix by hairpins. The upper section of hair can also be combed slightly, then them accurately wrap these hair the lower roller. Record locks invisible beings. At you the babette which needs to be recorded hairspray has turned out. It is necessary to weave two braids which need to be wrapped afterwards around the basis of babette and to fix by invisible beings out of the left twirled plaits. Unusual obrazkosa is universal hairstyle, but if you want something brand new, and there is no time for weaving of difficult braid, then it is possible to make very unusual braid. Carefully comb hair and collect them on the one hand, that where your braid will be located. Approximately at the level of shoulder fix hair by silicone elastic band. Move apart hair over elastic band and pass the remained tail throughout opening. At you the curl has turned out. Slightly below than curl fasten hair with elastic band again and do the same operation.

Such hairstyle can be diversified, having made pair of curls, and then having braided the ordinary spit from three locks.

As a result all your braid will consist of such beautiful and accurate curls which number will depend only on length of your hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team