We prepare for wedding: semi-annual plan of beauty

We prepare for wedding: semi-annual plan of beauty

It is necessary to prepare for wedding in advance! Half a year is optimum term considerably to get prettier to the forthcoming event and not to spend time and nerves on urgent procedures and preparations for couple of days before ceremony. Be the most beautiful bride and enjoy celebration!

In 6 months prior to svadbynachnita, at last, to drink enough water - not less than 8 glasses a day. It will help renewal of cells of skin, and for half a year its state considerably will improve: it will become equal and humidified, small wrinkles will be smoothed, and possible traces of fatigue will not be noticeable. So fill bottle with clear water and put in bag right now.

Time to reconsider the daily leaving! If you suffer from any problems with skin, then it is necessary to try something new. Register in consultation to the cosmetologist, stock up with trial samples of several lines of leaving at once, and decide on changes: 6 months are the that term which is necessary for your skin to change and get used to new leaving.

Begin "to look narrowly" at makeup artists. Most likely, you will have enough efforts in wedding day and so – therefore it is better to keep nerves and to entrust such important point as make-up, to the professional to whom you trust. Trust and personal contact – very important point in the choice of the makeup artist on the wedding day therefore ask contacts girlfriends who have celebrated wedding recently or storm Internet forums of the city in which you live.

Did you many times promise themselves to carry out the peeling procedures at least two times a week and to regularly moisturize the body skin, but all the time put away for later? – it is a high time to begin half a year prior to wedding. During this time thanks to cell renewal and saturation by their moisture, your skin will change and will considerably be tightened! In 3 months prior to svadbysamy time to decide on salons in which you are going to carry out such procedures as manicure the hairstyle, painting of hair – you were not mistaken, such things need really to be planned in advance! Reserve time for week for which the wedding is planned, otherwise then it is necessary to be nervous because of lack of time on record. Begin to indulge the skin masks and other procedures which are necessary for you. Cleaning, easy peeling, deep food and moistening – these procedures have to become right now regular that unpleasant surprises like acne, irritations or peelings have not upset you on the wedding day. In 2 months prior to svadbydlya those who plan autosuntan session just before wedding: find the professional and test the procedure in salon. If you are happy with result – safely reserve time in 2 days prior to ceremony! Choose perfume. Perhaps it and not the very first thing which occurs when you think of necessary preliminary preparations, but the fact remains: at wedding you have to feel most comfortably, accepting embraces and congratulations therefore it is worth getting used to perfume in advance, applying it on wrist from time to time and trying "to try out" and get used to specific smell on himself. To experiment with such important thing as aroma, directly on the wedding day it am hardly necessary! In 1 month prior to svadbynastat make-up rehearsal time! Meet already chosen makeup artist and experiment together. You resemble with make-up, admire yourself in mirror, ask opinion of girlfriends. Make several pictures on the camera to provide as the make-up will look at wedding. Time to be engaged in feet of legs. Baths two times a week with the weakening oils, the peeling srubs and moistening cream – at least month of such leaving will save you from need to spend a lot of time for transformation of heels just before ceremony.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team