We prepare skin for spring!

We prepare skin for spring!

The cold winter is test for all organism. Of course, everything what it should pass for long three months through, is reflected first of all in skin - the biggest and unique body, protecting our body from external influences and helping to remove hazardous substances. How to help our skin to recover after winter and to prepare it by spring?

In the winter our skin is much more slowly updated. It is connected as well as with lack of the movement, fresh air, and with the slowed-down metabolism of all organism. In winter time we do not eat sufficient kolichesvo some seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, and here saturated with fats and carbohydrates we absorb much more often. Therefore it is worth beginning with gradual restoration of organism from within and changes of winter daily habits: instead of greasy food eat fish with high content the Omega acids, replace potato garnish with olive oil and lemon juice salad, wake up by means of easy charging, but not strong instant coffee, try at least to spend half an hour in day in the fresh air. Surely spend on drink rate of the vitamins suitable you and pay special attention on vitamin D content in them - it is not enough after long winter.

In winter time skin becomes much more dim, loses tenderness, is inclined to dryness, and at same - to the hammered time. Therefore the easy peeling with fruit acids is compulsory procedure at the end of winter. Also it is worth using soft srubs, but no more than 2 times a week. Cream with dense and protecting from frost it is worth replacing with deeply moisturizing and containing vitamins as during the winter the immunity of skin decreases, and it needs additional support, otherwise on it irritations and inflammations can appear from behind the bad resilience to bacteria.

Great way to support skin is masks with vitamins in the spring. Select their components taking into account type of your skin. For fat it is possible to use lemon juice and honey, for dry - honey and cream for normal - cream, carrot juice and blue clay.

With approach of spring and emergence of the first beams, you do not hesitate with acquisition of cream with SPF even if small. It will protect skin from the stress connected with need to be protected from the first sun.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team