We return elasticity of body

We return elasticity of body

The main reason of loss of elasticity of skin is its aging. As minor signs are considered: hormonal failure in organism, wrong diets, missing protein and collagen in diet. But there is no occasion to be upset especially if the former elasticity of forms is already lost, there is set of methods it to correct.

There will be not enough correctly pitayemsyaodny cosmetics for solution with elasticity, approach will be the main thing in this case from within. Daily collagen and protein has to be eaten. Enter into group of protein-bearing products: meat, fish dishes, cottage cheese, nuts, eggs, cheese.

Collagen is available in edible gelatin, pineapple, papaya.

We do samomassazhmassazhiruy ourselves by lungs tingling, up to 5 min. each area of body. We pinch face strictly on massage lines. Thus, inflow of blood increases and there is improvement of turgor.

We take baths Sea salt – excellent means for increase in elasticity of skin. Do not forget to take baths, contrast shower and also to do srubs and peelings for body. Here several national recipes helping will cope with flabbiness of skin. Srub domashniysmeshivay in equal proportions black pepper (coarse grinding), cinnamon and coarse sea salt, we add a little olive oil. We rub couple of minutes in skin and we wash away plentiful amount of water. Such mix improves inflow of blood and will help to enhance effect after sports activities. Peeling kofeynyyv ideal to do peeling with massage by special brush with wooden nozzles or peeling mitten. For this purpose they are soaped, and from above strewed with coffee thick and rubbed before skin reddening. The regular procedure will help to cope with flabbiness of body. Bathtub with radio maslomv small amount of the warmed-up honey to pour in the hot, but not boiling milk and to add 2 tablespoons of rose attar. On time for acceptance of such bathtub there are no restrictions. Vann with herbs needs to be made camomile infusion, birch leaves, the tributary medicinal, thyme creeping and herniary naked who should be taken twice more than one of the above herbs. Such bathtub perfectly purifies skin, giving it elasticity. Mineral vannaeto the easiest way of preparation of bathtub. We buy mineral water, we warm up it and we pour in water. After such procedure with bubbles the courage will be felt at once. The citrus bathtub Such bathtub perfectly rejuvenates, tones up and returns elasticity to faded skin. It is necessary to add juice of 6 wrung-out citruses to water of room temperature. It will be ideal still and to drink glass of such juice.

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