We struggle with cellulitis by means of tangerine oil

We struggle with cellulitis by means of tangerine oil

Cellulitis — one of problems about which practically each woman is concerned. With approach of spring of the woman with the enhanced eagerness begin to fight against this shortcoming.

About cellulitis

Cellulitis is change in skin cells which leads to violation of uniformity and smoothness of integuments. One of features of the considered trouble is that from its emergence neither full, nor thin ladies are insured. The age is not the defining indicator of appearance of cellulitis too.

Cellulitis — not just visual shortcoming, this rather serious disease. Therefore to get rid of "orange-peel", it is necessary to apply integrated approach.

Diets or anti-cellulite cream, not supported with physical activities, are not capable to cope with this problem.

Fight against cellulitis

The most widespread method of fight against imperfection of skin standing and buttocks are massages with use of special creams. Essential oils enjoy smaller popularity. The fact is that not all women know, how fast mandarine oil can help to get rid of cellulitis. Essential oil of tangerine actively influences skin, tightening and strengthening it. It is prophylactic from hems and extensions which rather often appear on buttocks. Especially it is relevant during pregnancy or during sharp weight loss. Use of oil of tangerine is possible for treatment of cellulitis and striya on hips, stomach and breast. Pay attention that essential oils cannot be used without base since they very concentrated and can cause strong irritation. As base almonds oil perfectly will approach. Add several drops of mandarine essential oil to 1 tsp of oil and smear problem zones, well rubbing structure in skin. Make anti-cellulite massage: for this purpose it is enough to pound skin in the direction of current of lymph — from below up, to nibble and clap all processed zones before full absorption of oils. Repeat the procedure 2 times a day.

Helps with fight against cellulitis and oil of geranium, grapefruit, lavender and cinnamon.

Try to make anti-cellulite wrapping with oil. For this purpose prepare mix from 4 tablespoons of almond oil or oil of grape seeds and 10 drops of essential oil of tangerine. Apply ready structure on problem parts of the body and densely turn back polyethylene film. Through an hour and a half take shower and grease the places affected with cellulitis with cream. To say goodbye to "orange-peel" surely use 2 l of water during the day, carry out at least the elementary physical exercises directed to strengthening of muscles of legs and buttocks — squats, moves in different directions, adhere to healthy nutrition and do not forget about massage or wrappings with use of essential oil. Disposal of cellulitis — long and labor-intensive process. However if to make enough efforts and to go surely towards the planned aim, then it is quite possible to return to skin smoothness and elasticity.

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