We twist hair of average length: various ways

We twist hair of average length: various ways

Hair of average length look is incredibly womanly and it is seductive. They demand much smaller leaving, than long, however quantity of hairstyles which can be created from them, is very big. Curls of average length are ideal basis for creation of various magnificent images.

Despite of the fact that hair care of average length is much simpler to twist them much more difficult as such length is quite exacting to the volume and form of laying. However stylists very much recommend to twist hair of average length since the similar laying emphasizing beauty of curls will be ideal for such length. The wave can be the most various: for the long period, sozdayemy by means of chemistry, or short-term, assuming use of hair curlers, the iron or curling iron. Any of the chosen ways demands the correct approach and care, first of all, it is necessary to try not to do harm to health and external condition of hair.

Experts advise for hair of average length to buy the good curling iron and electrohair curlers. Perfectly hair curlers with velvet covering, koklyushka and hair curlers velcros will approach. They will allow to create curls, different in diameter, that will give you the chance every day to look differently.

It is possible to twist locks and by means of the iron, and the hair dryer with hairbrush brushing will help to create soft waves.

If you have preferred usual hair curlers for wave, then it is necessary to pay special attention to their form and the direction of twisting. For curls of average length it is better to choose standard hair curlers of the average size – not really large, but not thin. Locks before process of wave need to be humidified and applied a little on them styling foam. Then divide hair into three parts, one of which has to begin from forehead and move to nape on the center of the head, and two side – to cover zones over ears and whisky. Further accurately separate on thin lock and, delaying it to vertical position to head skin, wind hair curlers from tips of hair to the roots.

It is necessary to decide on desirable type of laying since the direction of turning will depend on it in advance. To receive magnificent accurate hairstyle, hair curlers should be wound from top to down – they will be wrapped in lock. Hair curlers have to be located equal rows along all head. If you need to create effect of rastrepannost, then wind hair curlers in various directions, choosing them in any order. Locks of average length can be twisted by means of the electric iron. For this purpose before wave wash up and well dry hair phenom, inclining the head forward and down. After that, using clips, divide them into several sectors. The wave behind begins. Separate lock, apply on it means for laying with thermoprotective effect and wind on the iron. That curls looked naturally, try to have rounds at the different levels, it will allow to dry them evenly. It is possible to twist hair of average length on vertical hair curlers hairpins. For this purpose apply skin for laying on the washed-up head of hear. Then divide hairstyle into thin locks, then alternately wind each of them on one, on other leg of hair curlers. At the end fix hair by clothespeg fixer. Dry up hairstyle phenom.

Do not forget that before wave on hair curlers or the curling iron the hair need to be processed the thermoprotectant and to fix hairstyle use hairspray.

The resistant wave which is not demanding daily laying can be made in salon. On hair of average length perfectly approaches both radical, and spiral, and vertical chemistry. Besides, it is possible to use also more sparing option of chemical wave – biowave. Any of these procedures will give to head of hear missing volume. The intensity of curls can be selected depending on the structure used for wave. Soft, romantic waves and curls, and elastic African curlies also will be suitable for head of hear of average length. The American chemical wave gives quite rigid, steady curl reminding spiral. Curls turn out large and natural thanks to what this type of wave has gained the greatest popularity. For hair of average length most often use special hair curlers - Oliviya Garden. Such wave looks very naturally, giving to head of hear improbable volume, and curls look naturally and easily. For receiving curls of average rigidity, it is necessary to use chemical wave Silk wave. After it hair become soft and silky, thanks to the fact that the medicine applied to wave, contains silk proteins. Such wave can be used even on the injured hair, it will allow to return them healthy look. The French bubble chemistry is ideal option of wave of locks of average length. It allows to form small curls and excellent volume. The structure for wave of a such type differs in special way of drawing. Before drawing it is shaken up to steady foam then apply on hair for 20 minutes. Gradually settling, foam creates certain temperature that significantly improves quality of wave. Curls leave live and strong, and the hair enriched with oxygen take faultless form.

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