We use quince for face care

We use quince for face care

For a long time the quince is widely used in cosmetologists. For these purposes seeds, ripe fruits undertake. Independently at home it is possible to make various lotions, masks, cream which will be suitable for oily skin. And if to add to cosmetics animal or vegetable fats, egg yolks, other suitable components then they will fit for normal integument.

Pulp and juice

Rub on grater with small openings ripe quince, wring out juice (use gauze). Wipe with this juice skin if it at you possesses greasy luster. Also this means not bad bleaches freckles.

And you can put grated pulp on face. This method of application of quince is suitable for the withering skin, it helps to struggle with acne rash.

And you can just wipe face skin with fruit slice, especially if you have the withering skin with small wrinkles. It is, perhaps, the simplest, but not less effective method of application of fruit in cosmetology. Begin morning with such procedure and your person will always shine healthy gloss!

The cleaning mask

Rub ripe quince. Beat one egg white, accurately add to pulp, further weight is required to be put with massage movements. Wash away in twenty minutes. This means has the fine cleaning effect. You after the first application will feel how the integument "has begun to breathe", having saturated with additional tone! Will be suitable for grease skin with large wrinkles.

Universal mask

Grate fruit, pour in boiled water (there will be enough one tablespoon). Afterwards send to mix on spoon of starch, oat flour. Further put for fifteen minutes, wash away warm water. Will be suitable for any skin. Use mask regularly – at least twice a week. Then you will notice that your skin has taken healthier form, was smoothed, and the greasy luster was gone!

It is possible to mix pulp or juice of quince with essential oils which suit your skin – options set! It was necessary only to pick up that means which ideally will help you to update face skin!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team