Wedding hairstyles on average hair

Wedding hairstyles on average hair

Beautiful wedding hairstyles can be created from hair of any length. Even if your curls hardly reach shoulders, you will be able to make magnificent node, romantic braid basket or waves in vintage style. Add laying with artificial or natural flowers, veil or hat and also various jewelry for hair.

Simple wedding hairstyles under hat and veil

It is possible to make several simple, but effective hairstyles which should be added with flower garland, hat with veil or veil of hair of average length. Hair have to look ideally well-groomed - only then they will really decorate the bride.

The choice of hairstyle depends on style of wedding dress. Braids and curls approach romantic dresses, elegant toilets need more difficult laying or simple bunches.

Wash up the head, process hair the conditioner mousse removing surplus of static electricity and giving to locks volume. Then carefully rinse hair and dry them - at first soft towel, and then the hair dryer installed on the mode of warm air. Wavy locks need to be straightened - this procedure will add them gloss and smoothness. Divide hair into small locks and serially process them the iron. Not to injure curls, previously apply on them thermoprotective spray or cream. Sprinkle the smoothed locks the fixing spray and collect on nape in low horse tail. Help yourself hairbrush that hair lay ideally smoothly. Twist tail in plait, and then curtail it around the basis and fix by hairpins. The bang can be combed back or it is necessary to raise forehead and to lay wave. Such hairstyle well is in harmony with the small hat current or veil without wreath pinned under bunch. Try one more simple option of bunch - take away smoothly combed hair in grid, knitted hook and decorated with pearls or rhinestones. Such accessory will replace traditional headdress of the bride. The node can be added with pair of free curls at temples - they will beautifully frame face. The simple, but beautiful hairstyle which is ideal for the young romantic bride - braid basket. It can be done on straight or wavy hair of any density. Length to shoulders is quite sufficient. Comb hair, divide them into parting at the side and sprinkle the fixing spray. Separate rather narrow lock at hair parting and begin weaving, gradually attaching to braid thin locks from the bulk of hair. Conduct braid from hair parting along forehead to nape, forming equal roundish basket. Do not tighten lock - weaving has to be free.

Braiding braids, you do not aim at ideally equal laying - the basket can be slightly negligent.

Spin basket to nape, and then bring it to the beginning of work. Fix tip of braid by thin elastic band and twist under basket, tricks hairpin. Decorate the place of fastening with large artificial or natural flower. Such hairstyle can be decorated also small inflorescences, having thrust them to the spit. Peculiar wreath from hair and flowers which will be perfectly in harmony with veil will turn out.

Elegant wedding: waves and curls

Try to do elegant hair with waves - they will approach plain stylish dress with loop. Moisten hair with spray and wind them on large hair curlers. Dry up curls phenom, carefully remove hair curlers and pin up three front curls clips, keeping their rounded shape. Separate triangular lock of hair on the top and too pin up it. Comb the remained mass of hair back and tie in tail by means of narrow silk ribbon. Straighten the pinned-up lock and comb back. Thin hairbrush create large curl and fix it by the invisible being. Comb tail, curtail into ring and pin on nape. Fir-trees are pleasant to you flowing hair, leave tail free, having issued its locks of hair laid in rings. Disguise tips of curls, having twisted under curls. Exempt curls on forehead from clips and cast away back. Twirl their ends ringlets and pin. Decorate hairstyle fresh with flowers and bows from tulle. Such laying does not demand veil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team