Wedding hairstyles on short hair

Wedding hairstyles on short hair

Short hairstyle - it is stylish and very sexual. Hair do not close graceful neck, the head becomes accurate, doll. The only minus of short hair - it is difficult to pick up evening hairstyle for them. But eminent stylists do not see in it problem, and every year offer several solemn laying for rather short hairstyles.

Short hair - wedding hairstyle with fashionable accessories

To style short hair in high magnificent hairstyle it will hardly turn out. But it is also not required. Piles and curls - not obligatory components for wedding laying. Already many seasons are fashionable naturalness. And everything that is necessary for the bride - it is to emphasize the elegant hairstyle by means of accessories.

Do not forget about earrings. Owners of short hairstyles can show this elegant wedding accessory with success. Choose volume products, they look with rather short hair more advantageously.

Diadems, large hairpins, bandages, tiny veils on short hair look very solemnly. Especially elegantly crowns with rhinestones look - they emphasize regal bearing and focus attention on the face of the bride.

Author's rims are also incredibly relevant in new season. The bride can make such for wedding. A little lace (it is possible to connect them independently, or to buy already ready), beads and small piece of tulle is required - it will imitate veil. The usual rim of light color is wound with rough threads or cord on which the tulle piece is pasted (twenty by twenty centimeters, are no more), and on it - thin strip of lace, flowers, beads. Tulle fastens so that it closed nape a little. And other decor - is closer to forehead. The exclusive, unique rim which will replace to the bride not only wedding laying, but also traditional veil turns out.

How to do wedding hair on short hair

The beautiful wedding hairstyle will turn out if it is correct to style hair. For this purpose it is necessary to wash up them with use of balm or mask. These means will make hair softer, brilliant, obedient. Then, until hair have dried, they need to be sprinkled varnish and to raise at roots by means of round hairbrush of small diameter and the hair dryer.

Use for creation of hairstyle elegant decorative hairpins, chains, even natural flowers. The wedding is milestone event, at it the place to all these beautiful womanly accessories.

The form is very important for short hairstyle therefore surely accent locks in forehead, temples, on nape. It becomes by means of gel. Take a little means, clamp lock big and forefinger, and carry out on all length, having recorded gel. It not only will help to do hair more stylish and accurate, but also will give it the volume as rigid locks will not nestle on the surface of the head.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team