Weight loss in glyukofazhy

Weight loss in glyukofazhy

"Глюкофаж" is medicine which is applied at diabetes of the second type. However today this medicine is widely used still idlya fast weight loss.

In structure of "Glyukofazha" there is active agent metformin which reduces sugar level in blood. The second effect of medicine is influence on fat deposits, they collapse and burned. Diabetics the first have seen positive impact of medicine on condition of body weight. And because having this disease problems with excess weight have the majority, they have estimated effect of reception of tablets quickly.

Among pluses of use of medicine note:

- delay of process of splitting of carbohydrates in organism owing to what formation of cells of fat happens not so quickly; - restoration of the lipidic metabolism broken as a result of excessive weight;

- return to norm of level of glucose and "harmful" cholesterol to blood; - reduction of thirst for sweet because process of production of insulin comes to natural indicators and as result, suppression of appetite.

For those who have decided to accept "Glyukofazh" most important it will become competent to modify food allowance and to adhere to day regimen. The strict diet at intake of this medicine is not simply necessary, and is obligatory. Set goal - to lose weight with the help of "Glyukofazha", it is necessary to make the following also: - to exclude from diet all that can increase glucose level in blood. It is, first of all, sugar and also all sweet; - to refuse fast carbohydrates – any rolls, cakes and other delicacies. Even single inclusion in food of the forbidden product can nullify all efforts; - to constantly enrich the diet with products which contain a lot of cellulose – vegetables Experts bean, etc. advise to pick up individual low-calorie diet and is strict it to adhere. The maximum volume of the received calories should not exceed 1800.

In addition, it is necessary to refuse alcohol in any kind, to exclude even those drinks where alcohol content, apparently, minimum. Smoking also has significant negative impact on effect of metformin.

Together with it it is necessary to increase daily physical activities and to lead active lifestyle. Quite recently there was opinion that the sport and acceptance of medicine are incompatible. Was considered that the efficiency of medicine decreases in connection with increase in level of acidity in blood from loadings. However, having conducted more careful researches, scientists have drawn conclusion that active lifestyle helps to accelerate process of sure combustion of fat. If accurately to follow the instruction for application, side effects from intake of medicine can be avoided. However there are several direct contraindications: - diabetes of 1 type; - pregnancy, lactation period; - diseases of heart and kidneys; - alcoholism; - the restoration period after surgeries. Side effects which can accompany reception of "Glyukofazha" are similar to usual symptoms of poisoning. It is headache, nausea, gas generation strengthening, diarrhea, temperature increase of body, sharp strong weakness, gripes in stomach, vomiting.

At emergence of similar symptoms it is recommended to reduce dosage half at once. If improvements are not observed the urgent address to the doctor is necessary.

Such manifestations are possible at the beginning of course or at the wrong dosage of medicine. Sometimes symptoms arise at refusal of observance of diet and consumption of the products saturated with carbohydrates.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team