What advantages of strengthening of natural nails gel

What advantages of strengthening of natural nails gel

Strengthening of nails gel demands thorough training of plates. If not to make it, then the result will be deplorable and not long-term. Time in 2-3 weeks is required to do correction of covering that nails remained strengthened by gel longer.

Strengthening of natural nails is not just cosmetic manicure procedure. It also improvement of nails. There are several ways of strengthening, but the most popular is closing by gel. This method has indisputable advantages.

As there is procedure

Before strengthening nails gel, they need to be prepared carefully. Process differs in nothing from preparation for building. Nails need to give the form nail file, to remove or remove cuticle. That gel laid down more exactly and kept longer, it is required to grind carefully natural plate soft nail buffer. After that it is necessary to degrease nails special means.

Gel for strengthening of nails can be single-phase or three-phase. And that, and other look copes with closing well. On the prepared nails the first thin layer of gel of transparent color gives all the best. It is necessary to dry in the UF-lamp strictly according to the instruction. Depends on it, the covering will last how long. The second layer of gel is imposed by thin layer too. Fundamental difference – it is necessary to lay out material not only on outer side of nail plate, but also from reverse side of free edge. It seals nails, protecting from fragility and stratifying. The last layer is finishing. It can be ultra-glossy means, and there can be also single-phase transparent gel from which the sticky layer is removed then.

Advantages of the procedure

The biggest advantage of the procedure – consolidation of nail bed and free edge. Thanks to it nails become stronger, break less, do not exfoliate. Over time length of nails increases, but material from it is not chopped off. Gel, unlike acrylic, "breathes". It passes air which is necessary for normal growth to natural nail. Biogel passes air but as way of strengthening too, suits not everyone. It often is chopped off, bursts, breaks. The natural nails covered with gel can do cosmetic procedures: masks, baths, poultices. Material passes not only air, but also all useful microelements and vitamins K to nail. Under gel layer all these substances are quicker absorbed in nail plate, doing it it is healthier and more beautiful. By preparation of nails for strengthening the cuticle is processed that does it healthier. Besides, it is possible to reduce the number of sessions of cut manicure significantly. And varnish on the nails covered with gel keeps several times longer, than on natural. At the same time the basis for manicure is not required. In its role gel acts, without allowing color pigment to be absorbed in nail plate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team