What are fat cream

Very negatively temperature drops, high humidity, frost, strong wind influence skin. They reduce protective properties of skin, promote its peresushivaniye, appearance of wrinkles. Therefore it is worth having fat cream which will reduce aggressive environmental impact in the make-up bag.

  • - winter face cream

1. In winter time skin needs additional leaving therefore cream has to possess fatter and dense structure. These structures are intended for food, protection of skin, they have to eliminate obezvozhennost and peeling.

2. Especially in the winter dry skin suffers therefore it needs intensive leaving. Cream have to contain natural oils which feed and eliminate negative action of frost and winter wind. The most budgetary option of fat cream are nurseries. They are on sale in each drugstore or shop of cosmetics. Nurseries of cream are tested and hypoallergenic, for some women they are the real rescue from dryness.

3. Has perfectly proved Nivea cream which exists in the cosmetic market many years. It contains jojoba oil which perfectly eliminates dryness. At the price it is optimum for any purse.

4. Himalaya cream has remarkable nutritious properties. It is quite fat, has dense consistence, is easily put and absorbed, economic. The aloe belief, the Indian ginseng and tsentella Asian is part of cream. On the statement of the producer cream consists practically of natural components. For lovers of fat cream the firm "Lumen" also provides wide choice for different types of skin. The structure and the price of these means pleasantly pleases. And cream have optimum fat content.

5. Perhaps, the leader among fat creams is the product of domestic factory "Svoboda" - "Luxury". It protects skin from peresushivaniye, restores water balance, perfectly feeds. Women note that after use of this means skin takes beautiful appearance, becomes smooth, soft, the unpleasant feeling of dryness vanishes.

6. When choosing fat cream it is necessary to read attentively structure if means contains silicones or glycerin, then it is better not to buy it. These components hammer time and interfere with intake of moisture in skin layers. Better for cold season to choose cream, having inscription "winter", then the structure most precisely will correspond to requirements of skin in cold season. In the flying such cream is not recommended to be used because of its increased fat content as skin needs easier and moistening leaving. Face cream, even the fattest, has to correspond to skin type. Usually recommendations about leaving are specified on packing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team