What are necessary tools for eyelash extension in house conditions

What are necessary tools for eyelash extension in house conditions

to increase eyelashes in house conditions, it will be required to buy the high-quality tool. There are several rules of the choice of the most important of them - tweezers.


  1. The procedure of eyelash extension has several names: Japanese technology, Indonesian, Hollywood, mink, French. The same process is the cornerstone of each of them and the same tools are used. The difference is that the increased cilia can be natural or artificial, are collected in small puchochka or to be single filaments, strands of wood, silicone or silk products. Therefore main technologies only two: puchkovy and poresnichny building.
  2. For house building first of all it is necessary to choose set of cilia. To be fully confident in their quality, it is better to acquire set directly in beauty shop or specialized shop. It will be required to buy also rubber glue which happens two types: black and colourless. It is better to take hypoallergenic as it is suitable for any type of skin.
  3. Tools for eyelash extension can be bought in set or separately. Are included in the full-fledged package: the cilia, glue, silicone small pillows intended to separate upper eyelashes from lower, tweezers by means of which hairs keep and the procedure of building, means is made for degreasing century. If to buy each of these components of set separately, it is necessary to pay a little more.
  4. The main tool – tweezers. Them it will be required two at once: with direct and curved tips. It is necessary to choose each of them under himself, that is, previously to take in hand and several times to connect tips. The good tweezers always spring with small back run. Metal of which it is made should not be soft as aluminum. But also will inconveniently use too elastic tool.
  5. The optimum choice – tweezers which conveniently are located in hand does not slide, does not primagnichivat small motes. When choosing this tool special attention needs to be paid to that, its tips how densely connect. No matter, straight lines they or curved, the distance between them should not be. It is also necessary to examine tweezers regarding availability of defects: chips, jags and cracks.
  6. As the tool is different to curved tips: wide, narrow, with various corner of curvature, during the choice it is necessary to work as it so as if it is necessary to grasp eyelash. The tweezers with very sharp tips are recommended to be bought only to professionals. The beginning master can injure the eyelid. Therefore the convenient and correctly picked up tool – guarantee of successful work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team