What building is better

What building is better

Hair extension – fine opportunity to give to hairstyle the desirable volume and length for a short time. The smart brilliant head of hear will allow to change cardinally appearance literally in several hours. And correctly picked up materials and method of building will allow to keep healthy own locks.

Types of donor hair

Hair for building classify by the region of origin. The most available at the price, but at the same time and the most low-grade it is considered to be Asian hair. The low cost of this material is explained by low quality and surplus the market – the low level of income and populousness of territories force the population of the Asian countries to hand over hair regularly. At the same time even the hair removed from hairbrushes therefore it is not necessary to speak about high quality of donor curls can be used.

Even if just before building of lock have great view, shine and stream, after the first washing of the head they will begin to be confused and will be fluffed up in different directions. There is it because the structure applied on hair before sale is washed away, and multidirectional hair sputyvatsya.

The European hair can be not only from the countries of Europe, but also from Latin America. In the market their quantity is small. It is connected with the fact that in Europe very few people will begin to hand over hair for the sake of several dozen dollars. It is especially difficult to get light European locks as here it is a little natural blondes. Silkiness and softness stylists of the whole world appreciate Slavic hair the. They easily give in to coloring, laying and do not lose the qualities even at long sock. All this makes the choice of Slavic locks optimum. Types narashchivaniyaot the technique used when fixing donor locks in what states there will be natural hair after removal of increased depends. At cold building of lock fasten by means of small metal clips. At the same time it is possible to use both natural, and artificial hair. The main lack of building of this type is the high injury – the hair inclined to fragility and dryness, after removal of the increased locks need such looking after procedures as the strengthened treatment in salon or biolamination. The technique of hot building assumes fixing of donor locks by means of thermonippers and keratin. The native and increased hair are accustomed to drinking among themselves, the place of fastening at the same time remains imperceptible. This type of building is appreciated quality and speed, however its frequent application attracts to damage of the ends of natural hair. The technique of tape building is most popular today. It is absolutely safe for hair and is suitable even for thin and fragile locks as fastening happens without use of metals and high temperatures. Very thin elastic ribbons absolutely imperceptibly fix donor locks, and use of exclusively Slavic hair does care for hairstyle unpretentious, and laying - reliable.

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