What can be made beautifully with hair

What can be made beautifully with hair

The woman of any age is simply obliged to be irresistible. And one of the main ways of it to reach – to do beautiful hair. Depending on length and condition of your hair, shape of face and your mood choose suitable way – straightening, wave or weaving.

Secrets of beautiful hairstyle

Irrespective of length of your hair it is always possible to think up original laying or beautiful hairstyle. In house conditions will easily implement one of three options: to level, twist or braid hair.

Each girl needs to remember that the iron rule of beautiful hairstyle – well-groomed hair. That your curls shone health and by force and in any hairstyle showed to advantage, do not forget to look after them:

- wash the head in process of pollution, too frequent and too rare washing will do much harm to both skin, and hair; - at least once in week you put the special masks suitable for your type of hair; - do not overdry hair; - in time shear the splitting ends (time in 2-3 months). Well-groomed hair can be leveled by means of the iron. For this purpose comb the clean hair which are dried up with use of the thermoprotectant, and define the place of hair parting. Divide hair into two parts. Upper fix by elastic band, and begin to straighten from lower. Then make on the contrary. Do not detain stayler long on one site. After end sprinkle hair varnish. It is possible to make beautiful curls by means of the curling iron, the same iron or using hair curlers. The first two options faster. And the curls wound on the hair curlers which are previously moistened with skin for laying will longer keep. Experiment with technicians of wave and pick up that option which suits you.

Options of hairstyles with braids

If you the owner long or the average length of hair, can try to braid braids. This type of hairstyle has passed from practical function to esthetic long ago. We offer several options of its execution: - braid two simple braids and twist them around the head in the form of wreath, having fixed by invisible beings; - braid two cones, having receded a little from the line of forehead, add curl from free hair to each subsequent lock of braid; - after fix cones by elastic bands on the ends, stretch braid links, thus having given them volume; - begin to spin cone at the level of the right temple and finish below on the left side, having weakened tension or having left big tail; - make two symmetric cones, having chopped off their ends on nape in the form of gulka; - make braid fish tail. For this purpose cross two small locks of hair chosen from temporal areas of the head on nape; - continue to gather and cross locks from free hair, fix by beautiful elastic band; It is possible to Add hairstyle with various decorative elements – hoop, hairpins with large flowers, bright elastic bands, bandages, tapes. Do not experiment with new hairstyle before responsible action. Be trained time or two in advance, slowly, trying various options of execution. Then by important day you will be able quickly to be prepared also without surprises.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team