What can tell hair color about the hostess

What can tell hair color about the hostess

According to psychologists, the shade of hair of the woman can unambiguously speak about her internal state. So, approximately in 40% of cases when changing color of hairstyle at ladies changes in behavior manner clearly are traced. New habits influence afterwards also character.

Light color volosbelokury girls and women – favourites of men. According to the statistics, they cause the greatest sympathy in the stronger sex.

Blondes are known for the emotionality, femininity, softness, optimistic spirit. They do not see, and do not want to see rather, problems on the way, try to overcome all arising difficulties with ease and smile upon the face what they are often not loved in female circles for and call silly. However huge number of fair-haired ladies is marked out with uncommon mental capacities and erudition.

At the cheerfulness and optimism of the woman, having light shade of hair, are very vulnerable natures inclined to offenses. It is just necessary for them that always nearby there was support and understanding.

If to speak about ashy blondes, then their character considerably differs. These are self-assured women, strong and not standing the stranger of superiority. They are haughty, absolutely not flexible, selfish natures.

The shade of hair is influenced somewhat by hormones. The amount of testosterone is higher (male sex hormone), the hair color is more dark. At owners of fair hair women's hormone - estrogen prevails.

Fair-haired volosyrusovolosy women usually differ in quiet balanced character, judiciousness. They prefer family cosiness to the noisy companies. The loving mother and the wife, the reliable friend capable to support during the most difficult moment is about them. Red the Girl's shades with fiery shades of hair are almost always the center of attention of people around. Such ranked as number of witches earlier. To characteristic qualities of their character rank the expressed charisma, optimism, aspiration as leadership, irascibility, obstinacy, courage. It is important to them to be distinguished from crowd, for this reason they often make reckless acts. Besides, red have not hefty strength of mind and will that helps them to make the way highly on career ladder. The partner in life is usually chosen long, it is difficult for them to please.

Changing the hair color, you not only become another externally, but also gain the qualities characteristic of new shade.

Chestnut color of volosshatenka – bearers of the hair having chestnut shades. Serious, responsible, executive as for work, and soft, gentle in the attitude towards friends and darlings. They aim at self-development, are sociable, cheerful, easily make friends. Women with nutbrown hair – purposeful natures which always go to the objects set by themselves. The chocolate shade of hair gives romanticism of the hostess. Black color voloscherny hair color of the woman defines its such lines as commitment, self-confidence, obstinacy, hot temperament, insight. Men often are afraid of dark-haired ladies for force of their character, some bitchiness, aspiration to direct all. The women who intentionally have decided to be recoloured in black color are inclined to depressions, loneliness. They oppose themselves to people around, do not go on compromises.

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