What colors suit the blonde with green eyes

What colors suit the blonde with green eyes

By drawing up clothes not only features of appearance of the woman, but also season, specifics of the environment surrounding the woman, its social status and many other things are considered. These factors can influence cut, fabrics and color of the chosen clothes.

On what flowers it is worth stopping?

Blondes with green eyes can easily change and decorate the image by means of correctly picked up flowers in the clothes. Take several advice of experienced stylists, but do not forget to experiment.

Blondes with green eyes and soft color of lips should get things of gentle and fresh shades for the clothes. Light blue, green, gently violet colors, various shades of gray will approach. Also more saturated colors will well look: red, orange, bronze.

Correction of image, color assistants

If the chosen color seems too saturated, then it is possible to beat off it any cold tone. Especially well any shade of gray color can approach. You can put on gray scarf or make any other finishing. Blondes with green eyes will also suit scarfs and accessories of pink color. Besides, practically all combinations of shades of red and yellow or orange and blue colors.

What flowers it is necessary to refuse

Less successful flowers as the main for blondes with pale skin will be white, gray, yellow, brown, yellowish-green, red. In a word, all colors which can excessively emphasize pallor of the person. It does not mean that on these colors it is imposed by taboo. They can be used, but only as auxiliary, finishing. Be attentive, it is better to avoid bright green color in the clothes, choose more muffled, even dim shades of this color.

Ideal colors

Especially well in combination with green eyes, fair hair and bright flush dark blue color will look. It is good including the fact that it will be successful to be combined with in orange, yellow, red, white and black colors. Also to owners of similar appearance will go violet, cold green color and light gray.

Make-up for blondes with green eyes

If to stop on rules of make-up for blondes with green eyes, then most of all they will suit light and warm shades of shadows. Foundations it is necessary to use lighter. Shadows and pencils of dark colors in day make-up it is the best of all to avoid. Green shadows can be used, but try to avoid coincidence of shade of shadows to color of your iris, expressiveness of your eyes can suffer from it. Also it is worth avoiding shades of blue color in make-up for the same reason. But very well brown, golden shades, shades of plum and ochre are combined with green eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team