What conceals in itself excess weight

What conceals in itself excess weight

In excess weight both the physiological, and psychological reasons are. To solve problem with weight, it is necessary to realize it accurately. But nevertheless there are extramental reasons. They also influence weight.

 One of the reasons is in low self-assessment. It is formed since the childhood depending on in what environment the child grew. Often parents ignore needs of the child, without perceiving them seriously. Also constant criticism promotes understating of self-assessment. What occurs further? The child grows and does not perceive himself as the personality.

The created low self-assessment kills self-respect. The person obviously has no respect for himself. Feeling unimportant and imperceptible in society, the person begins to increase weight unconsciously. He does not feel the importance and thinks that it will solve problem. As a rule, the person does not realize it and begins to think when already weight does not allow to live normally.

 Also there is reason sits in unsuccessful close relations. It can be the tense relations with the father or difficult relationship with men. Having had psychological trauma, the person unconsciously gains weight not to draw attention of people around. The person is afraid to endure once again similar, and it influences set of weight. The most widespread way to get rid of problems and stresses is jamming by their food. Of course, such mechanism works not at all as differently some chubby would live in the world. But nevertheless it exists. The person gaining weight does not understand that the problem with excess weight and with health appears.

 Happens that excess weight grows at people who very strictly treat themselves. Probably, will seem that they on the contrary should have no excess weight. But is not present. The person deprives se6ya of everyday pleasures. Receiving less pleasure from simple vital things, he begins all this to compensate by food. Respectively the increasing weight will not keep itself waiting long. Probably, will seem surprising that availability of children's offenses or psychological wounds can pass into extra kilos sooner or later. All emotional shocks, life situations, the same offenses are stored in our body. Perhaps, the person concentrates on it and cannot get rid of saved up inside in any way. In such cases the address to the psychologist will be the best exit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team