What contraindications for sunbed

What contraindications for sunbed

The sunbed is fine opportunity to quickly receive equal, resistant suntan. The temptation to plunge into the ultra-violet capsule is high. However you should not forget that the sunbed can be contraindicated, harmful and it is even hazardous to health.

Medical contraindications

Some diseases are incompatible with reception of ultra-violet bathtubs in any kind. The sunbed is categorically contraindicated to people with problems of cardiovascular system. It is impossible to be affected by ultraviolet in the presence of malignant new growths. Such patients should hide even from direct sunshine.

Diseases of thyroid gland, the central nervous system, the haematogenic system, atherosclerosis, problems with kidneys – all these diseases can be aggravated at visit of sunbed and even from long stay in the sun. Ultraviolet is also contraindicated to the people with problems of respiratory system having asthma or open form of tuberculosis. It is necessary to refrain from sunbed to women during critical days, during pregnancy and lactation.

How much time you need to carry out to sunbeds and how many procedures for suntan the worker of sunbed or the cosmetologist has to recommend. The defining factor is the type of skin and its specific features.

Reception of antikonvulsant, antibiotics, tranquilizers, antidepressants, hormonal medicines and many other drugs is also incompatible with sunbed. Some drugs increase photosensitivity of skin and cause solar allergy. You should not neglect these contraindications.

Cosmetic contraindications

Other category of contraindications – cosmetic. Violation of these rules can not have serious destructive impact on health, but will provide troubles in the form of irritation of skin. It is better to refrain from visit of sunbed by that who has pigmental spots, birthmarks, white spots on body, numerous heat-spots in the form of purulent rash. Skin dermatitis of any origin is also serious contraindication. At all these illnesses on skin there are dehydrated sites. Under the influence of ultraviolet they can inflame. Itch, burning, peeling of skin are the most insignificant troubles. Very light, marble skin demands special care. Sunbed lamps too powerful source of ultraviolet, from them can the severe burn of all body will develop.

At visit of sunbed it is better not to take shower before and after the procedure. In year at most 50 sessions of suntan are allowed.

People with any type of skin can get burns if visit sunbed right after epilation or procedures of clarification of skin with application of srub. Excessive hobby for sunbed ages skin, overdries it. Therefore to use sunbed twice a day, to combine it with usual solar suntan, it is not recommended to accept ultraviolet constantly during the whole year.

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