What cosmetics are necessary on holiday

What cosmetics are necessary on holiday

for the woman never happens much. Three types of body cream, several night and day creams, set of shampoos and balms – and all this yet not limit. But when time to pack suitcases comes, it is very heavy to be defined what means to take with itself in travel. You will not take away everything – it is necessary to leave the place for dresses and the huge range to anything. Therefore it is worth learning to collect make-up bag correctly.

Very often it turns out that in short travel it is worth taking minimum of means. Obligatory of them will become:

  • gel, milk or lotion for washing;
  • sunblock cream not to burn;
  • balm for lip care;
  • nutritious face cream;
  • body cream.

For individual requirements it is possible to take special means, for example, medical cosmetics for problem skin or dermatological shampoo.

The right choice of cosmetics which will be focused on climate of the country chosen for travel will become important condition. For example, cream without natural oils, with liquid structure well will be suitable for hot climate, with the increased humidity. For cold vacation spots fat cream with good moistening will be saving means, and tropics require means with sun-protection properties.

Means 2 in 1 which can execute several functions, for example, of shampoo and shower gel at once will become quite good option for travel. In everyday life it is worth choosing such means separately, and here for trip to rest – it.

Disposable packagings (samplers) with favourite means or their mini-options will become good replacement of bulky jars and bottles. It is also possible just to get empty containers of small volume, and in them to pour a little the favourite cosmetics.

You should not forget that many airlines do not allow to bring on board hand luggage with liquid means. Therefore all cosmetics should be handed over in baggage.

Remember that you should not take all the favourite cosmetics in travel. First, it is excess cargo. Secondly, various jars take a lot of place. And, thirdly, a lot of things just are not required to you on vacation. Approach intelligently the maintenance of the make-up bag for holiday.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team