What cream helps from wrinkles

What cream helps from wrinkles

Time does not do us younger, sooner or later on shelf in the bathroom or cosmetic table there is the whole arsenal of the means designed to slow down external manifestation of aging of organism. Loss of tone, its dryness and negative impact of surrounding factors is skin the causes of wrinkles.

We choose day cream

Effective cream from wrinkles is obliged to perform several functions: moistening, food and protection of skin. Division of creams into night and day is not casual. In the afternoon skin is influenced by the gas-polluted atmosphere of the megalopolis and the sun therefore antioxidants have to be part of cream: tocopherol, vitamin C, extract of green tea and selenium.

Only cream with sun-protection SPF factor not lower than 15 can provide reliable protection against the sun. Among additional components retinoids can be specified: retinit, tretinoin, Retinolum, palmitate which make positive impact on skin.

We nourish skin at night

Multipurpose night cream from wrinkles has to contain vitamin A, With, E, aloe belief, jojoba oil, rose attar, peptides, amino acids, antioxidants, alpha hydro acids. Special attention when studying structure should be paid alpha and to beta hydroacids which in structure can be noted by AHA and BHA. Apple, glycolic, almond acids belong to the category of ANA-acids. They make positive impact on the skin injured by sunshine, reduce depth of wrinkles and struggle with dryness of skin. Salicylic acid – the most widespread VNA-acid which effect is based on effect of peeling, it gets into skin layers much more deeply, intensively cleans and peels.

About snakes and snails

The snake poison which is part of cream blocks nervous impulses which regulate skin "tightening". As a result of wrinkle in the minimum terms are smoothed and disappear. This substance has received special popularity at those whose wrinkles are result of active facial expression. The filtrate of slime of snail which stimulates production of elastin and collagen is part of snail cream. The fact that similar means are effective all-type skin is remarkable. Besides wrinkles are capable to cope with enlarged pores and small hems.

Whether it is worth trusting advertizing?

Cosmetic concerns in the advertizing often place emphasis on collagen content. It should be noted that it actually is part of creams from category of active fighters against wrinkles. Skin independently produces collagen, and here its external drawing does not influence improvement of situation with wrinkles at all. The molecule of collagen is so big that it is simply not capable to get into deep skin layers. Only its injections are capable to provide penetration of collagen into skin. Hyaluronic acid – the advertizing course of producers. Possesses too large molecule and it is not capable to get in skin. Remaining on surface, she creates the invisible film capable to clog up pores. Retinolum meets much less often in structure, but it stimulates production of own collagen with skin. If the true devoted, effective assistant and the fighter for beauty and youth of skin is necessary for you, look for Retinolum in structure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team