What cream protects from suntan

What cream protects from suntan

Ultraviolet rays are very unhealthy the person. Their abundance is capable to lead to skin burns. For this reason such looking after means as sunblock cream has been created, and it is necessary to approach its choice very carefully.

The cosmetic market is filled with variety of care products for skin. It is very important to find the cream from suntan which is most protecting your skin in this variety, being guided by certain factors.

SPF factor on skin phototype

On packing of cream from suntan the coefficient of protection of SFP is always specified. This sign designates degree of protection against ultra-violet radiation. The specified number is higher, the stronger cream protects skin. Besides, it is possible to determine by this value what maximum quantity of time of stay in the sun is safe for the person. For example, if the person is on the beach usually no more than 20 minutes, then cream with SFP15 increases this time by 15 times. Thus, means allows to sunbathe and feel at the same time in safety much longer.

For more right choice of sunblock cream, it is necessary to know the phototype of skin

The first phototype is called Scandinavian or Celtic. Such type of skin is available for blue-eyed people with fair hair and red with light skin. Such skin is very susceptible to sunshine, and already in a few minutes after suntan, on it spots appear. Besides, there is risk of obgoraniye. Even for walk by year on sunny day such people need to use sunblock cream with degree of protection of SFP 30. German or European – here is how the second phototype of skin is called. These people have fair-haired or chestnut shade of hair. They have most often light skin on which freckles are sometimes formed. Color of eyes can be brown, green or gray. Safe time of suntan for the sun, for the German phototype of skin, is fifteen minutes. The first week of suntan has to pass with SFP 30 or 20 sunblock cream. Then it is possible to use cream with SFP10 or 8. The third phototype of skin is mixed. People with dark hair, and, more precisely, with dark-chestnut and chestnut-colored shade, treat this phototype. Risk of solar burns here phenomenon very rare. Suntan lays down on skin even layer. Safe time for suntan – half an hour. In the first week it is desirable to use cream for suntan with SFP20, and then SFP can be lowered to 6-8. Carry the Mediterranean type of skin to the fourth type. Brunettes with brown eyes and dark skin treat it. The person with the Mediterranean type of skin can be in the sun about 40 minutes. Cream SPFsolntsezashchitnogo for brunettes has to make from 10 to 6. Children have no certain phototype of skin therefore for them it is necessary to use special children's sun-protection creams. Usually SFP of such cream equals 30.

Additional substances

The composition of sunblock cream plays large role. Except SFP it is important to pay attention to other components. It is very good if as a part of means there is green tea, aloe, extract of edelweiss and other natural substances. Looking after skin, natural components reflect ultra-violet radiation.

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