What creams really help from extensions

What creams really help from extensions

The whole galaxy of various creams against extensions is presented at the cosmetic market. Many women are disappointed in these means as they help with fight against hated white strips on skin a little. However when choosing cream with the correct structure it is possible to achieve quite good results.

From where extensions undertake

Extensions, they are scientifically striya - it is unattractive scars on skin which have saddened life to millions of women on all planet. They appear after pregnancy or sharp loss of weight. Generally extensions are localized on hips, breast or stomach. It is difficult to get rid of them, but it is possible.

The best creams against extensions

Before acquisition of cream against extensions it is necessary to study its structure carefully. The most effective creams can be considered those which contain retinoids, peptides, salicylic acid, relastin and alpha and hydroxide acids (ANA). These components with skill strengthen and "repair" the become thinner skin. So, retinoids promote skin updating. They act as peculiar natural peeling. However, if you nurse, with retinoids it is better to refrain from creams.

Salicylic acid perfectly destroys protein, removes the died-off cages from the surface of skin and does extensions less expressed. AHA acids possess similar eksfoliiruyushchy action. These components in cream also save skin from the died-off cages, stimulating its updating. 

Relastin will promote restoration of the damaged skin fabrics. Peptides will raise skin tone.

If in cream against extensions there are no similar ingredients, its efficiency will be extreme is low if at all will be. Creams, of course, up to the end will not remove unattractive extensions, but precisely will help to make them less noticeable. Especially if to use cream right after emergence of extensions.

How to get rid of extensions

However you should not hope for creams, even with transcendental price tags. To banish extensions for ever, except use of creams it is necessary to increase physical activities. In particular, to be engaged in walking, run or swimming.

Will be useful to correct the menu, having excluded from it sharp, smoked and salty. It is also necessary to reduce treat sweet dishes to minimum.

You should not charge-off from achievement of cosmetology. Laser grinding and chemical peeling will save from extensions. These are expensive procedures, but it will be difficult to do without them in fight against extensions.

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