What cuts of eyes happen

What cuts of eyes happen

Since the most ancient time and till present people at meeting pay attention to eyes of the interlocutor. On them it is possible to read what is not told aloud: joy, fear, self-confidence, insincerity.

Almond-shaped section of eyes

Very strongly the appearance of the person is defined by section of eyes. And it directly depends on arrangement of axis on which there are windows to the soul. This axis can pass only through internal or external corners of eye, and can be straight line. Usually allocate: almond-shaped, slanting, east and lobular eyes.

The brightest woman having eyes with almond-shaped section is Nefertiti. Eyes of this great ancient ruler are similar in form to almonds kernels. From here also such name — amygdaloid has appeared.

External and internal corners of the described eyes, are on one axis, and they are widely open. At the same time the upper eyelid rather heavy and covers eye to the iris of the eye a little. Almond-shaped eyes usually have dark iris, i.e. they are black or brown. And here light iris of the eye in combination with almond-shaped section of eyes — the unusual and unique occurrence.

East section of eyes

East beauties stand out from the crowd thanks to unusual specific appearance. The brightest sign of belonging to east race is the characteristic section of eyes. Eyes of residents of China, Japan and other east countries differ thin, slabovydelyayushchimisya in centuries, and eyes are narrowed to internal and external corners. At the same time eye corners with east section are located on one horizontal axis, as well as in case with amygdaloid.

Slanting section of eyes

Slanting eyes have rather specific form: they are narrowed to external corner, but at the same time extend to internal corner of eye. Along with it, corners of eyes do not lie on one axis therefore such eyes and have received the name — slanting. The internal corner of eye is located below, than external approximately by 10-12 degrees. Some women aim to get rid in the radical way of raskosost and address plastic surgeons, and other women, on the contrary, by means of make-up emphasize eyes and turn them into own highlight.

Lobular section of eyes

It is rather seldom found section of eyes which is characterized by the fact that external corners are located below, than internal. Eyes of any section are very beautiful and unique. And correctly done make-up is capable to emphasize expressiveness, attractiveness and clarity of look.

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