What effect at horse shampoo

What effect at horse shampoo

When the person begins to study composition of the ingredients entering its favourite shampoo, his hair are capable to bristle, and use of any ceramides for this purpose is not required.

Fragrances, dyes, thickeners and surfactants – such abundance of names of the chemical compounds entering ordinary shampoo it is capable to cause unpleasant consequences until the beginning of washing of the head. There is quite real feeling that reading composition of shampoo, study advertizing of products of any chemical company.

Doctors recommend, buying shampoo, to be guided by very simple rule. It is that it is necessary to use the structures having minimum of ingredients.

However, where to take similar shampoo? The answer is simple - in any pet-shop which has department for horses. And it is not humour. More and more now appears women who change fashionable shampoos for the means intended for horse mane care. The prime cause of similar boom was the fact that as a part of horse shampoo there are no all additives, there only collagen, propolis and birch tar. Exactly thanks to it shampoo practically has no smell, and it is such transparent.

The improbable low cost of similar cosmetic became the reason of popularity of horse shampoo.

The fashion for horse shampoo has come from America where careful farmers carefully look after horses. Producers release set of types of "horse cosmetics" there. Somehow time one cowboy, having been too lazy to go to the city, has washed up horse shampoo the head. Though date of this event is unknown, rumor about it was spread immediately, having gone out of the state. Many Hollywood celebrities use "horse cosmetics", for example Sara Parker openly declares it.

However horse shampoo – means individual. It does not suit some at all. The effect of its action is defined by natural structure as horses cannot bear chemical blows.

Horse shampoo is produced according to other standards, than usual, at it there are some substances which cannot be added for people.

However, if to compare components of "human" and horse shampoo, it is possible to be convinced, they are in many respects similar. However concentration of the available useful substances is higher, and much more in horse shampoo. Fine hair and sensitive skin are capable to give negative reaction to shampoo for horses right after the first use. Prolonged use of similar shampoo is capable to lead to serious problems, even to strengthen hair loss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team