What effect renders glycolic peeling

What effect renders glycolic peeling

of the most demanded cosmetic procedures during the autumn and winter period are acid peelings. The glycolic peeling helps to level skin relief, raises its tone, improves turgor and removes small and superficial wrinkles. Perform the procedure of peeling fruit acid surely in complex from 8-10 sessions.

Effect and indications

The glycolic peeling has won the popularity thanks to the fact that he manages to tighten effectively and quickly face skin and decollete. At the expense of what does the procedure have the rejuvenating effect? Pasting of the person thin layer of hydroxyacetic acid which is left on short period of time is the cornerstone of the procedure to work. Therefore such peeling is called chemical. Hydroxyacetic acid is kind of fruit acid which molecule of substance has rather small molecular weight therefore easily gets through epidermis skin barriers. Glycolic Acid for holding cosmetic procedures get from sugar cane.   

Face skin significantly rejuvenates because peeling molecules actively stimulate production of elastin and collagen. With age skin loses the properties on production of these substances, there are wrinkles, flabbiness and dryness of skin, thickness of corneal layer of skin which does not pass nutrients from creams, lotions and nutritious wrappings increases.

Influencing the upper layer of the skin – epidermis, acid with success copes with small wrinkles, small scars, including from acne rash. For number of consecutive cosmetic procedures the turgor of skin is perfectly restored, there is reduction of corneal layer, the upper layer of the skin is updated. Thanks to thin corneal layer, skin becomes susceptible to intake of nutrients and moisture. After several procedures of the patient notice that skin brightens, the relief is leveled and wrinkles, especially mimic are smoothed.

The procedure of chemical peeling can be carried out both women aged, and to young people. To be held skin rejuvenation session only by the experienced cosmetologist, in specialized offices. Independently use of peeling is forbidden as, without having the necessary knowledge it is possible to cause irreparable damage to skin.

The peeling can be applied, milking any skin: it proves well, as on dry skin, promoting moistening and nutrition, and on fat and seborrheal. Thanks to softening of corneal layer of epidermis effectively releases skin fat, pores are cleaned, the couperosis disappears.

Indications for procedures of peeling glycolic acid:

  • Flabby and wrinkled skin.
  • The lifeless and dehydrated skin.
  • Oily and seborrheal skin with the increased production of skin fat.
  • The pigmented skin.


The cosmetic procedure with use of hydroxyacetic acid has contraindications, in particular it cannot be seen off at allergic reaction to solution components. It is forbidden to do peelings during incubation of the child and feeding by his breast.

Considering active photo and photosensitivity of skin after impact on it in the portions of fruit acid, to the people inclined to hyperpegmentation, it is not recommended to carry out skin rejuvenation by this substance. In addition, performance of peeling at the active sun is forbidden and during the spring and summer period of year at active ultraviolet.


Order and percent of saturation of acid the cosmetologist in each case, proceeding from condition of skin, shipping establishes by it procedures. Usually begin with sessions with use 25% of solution of hydroxyacetic acid, gradually increasing concentration and hold time. Later, acid is neutralized special structure and impose the calming serum or mask. During the procedure the woman can feel small burning, after small reddening. In several days the feeling of dryness of skin, peeling which takes place over time is allowed. 

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