What effective remedy from black dots

The clogged-up pores are rather widespread and unpleasant problem of most of people. Black dots often appear during puberty, and in large number of cases they remain for long time. Fortunately, it is rather easy to cope with problem of black dots. The main thing - the correct leaving!

Correct leaving

If you suffer from black dots, first of all it is worth paying attention to that as well as what you purify skin every day with. The hammered time usually disturbs people with the fat or combined skin which needs especially careful clarification. Wash warm water with skin or gel for washing at least twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. Even if you carefully clean face from make-up in the evening, your skin demands removal of excess fat and in the morning, before habitual cosmetic procedures. You watch closely that your means for washing were not too aggressive and did not overdry skin: the fact is that the overdried upper layer quickly dies off and hammers with the cages time even more.

Surely do superficial peelings. Black dots are visible mouths of time which are filled with the died-off cages, dust and skin fat. Therefore peeling is the best way to update skin and to remove black dots. Process of clarification of the person after peeling proceeds much more effectively as nothing prevents removal of the dirt which has collected in skin. You can use both srubs, and special brushes with soft fibers.

Pay attention and at the expense of decorative cosmetics which you use every day: preference should be given to powders and foundations on mineral basis which are not inclined to hammer time and allow skin to breathe.

Masks which are used in fight against black dots conditionally are divided into two categories: masks films which create mechanical effect of cleaning, and maxi, absorbing excessive fat on skin. Such masks should be done at least two times a week, it is desirable alternating them. Masks films are presented at the cosmetic market in very wide assortment, most often at their structure there are also other active components (for example, tea tree oil or other antibacterial components). Clay is fine basis for the masks reducing skin oiliness. Depending on your type (combined, fat, sensitive) skin, you can choose blue, black or white clay. At regular application, skin becomes velvet, and activity of sebaceous glands is considerably normalized.

Professional help: one of the most popular and safe methods of cleaning of time is the ultrasonic peeling. He effectively copes with pollution, has practically no contraindications and does not injure skin.

We do not forget about moistening

For the skin inclined to comedones, moistening is extremely important. After the daily rituals on clarification and toning of skin surely you apply the moisturizing cream. Fortunately, producers release special cream with high factor of moistening for oily skin, as a part of such creams there are no oils and other komedogenny components. the optimum level of moisture content of skin will provide healthy cell renewal and also will save skin from need to develop too large amount of fat. By the way, great way to support skin humidified and clean - to drink the necessary amount of clear water every day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team