What essential oil to use for strengthening of nails

What essential oil to use for strengthening of nails

Aromatherapy - one of the directions popular today. Essential oils use in various spheres - and for giving of beauty to skin, and for its reduction in tone, and for removal of nervous tension, and even for nail care. Very few people doubt advantage of essential oils. And here about what oils are suitable for any given situation, there are still fluctuations.

Essential oil can make complex impact on nails - it will be both strengthening of plate, and its food, and even treatment. Recovery of nails when using essential oil takes a lot of time, but gives good long effect. However the first improvements can be noticed at once.

What oils are used for strengthening of nails

If your nails exfoliate and endlessly break, it means that the organism literally cries the head off that it not as it should be. Also it is necessary to help it to correct this problem. At the same time it is worth remembering that influence has to be complex - not only from within, but also outside. Experts claim: essential oils help to solve problem with fragility of nails. However, only defined from them.

So, for example, the leader in the rating of the essential oils helping to strengthen nails is lemon oil. It is included most often in structure of various means for hand and nails care. Its main advantages - antibacterial and antiseptic effects. Besides, lemon oil perfectly helps to bleach nails, promotes healing of cuticle and adds to nails gloss.

Lemon oil will be very useful for those ladies who love color varnishes. It is known that such painting means leave yellowness on nails. And oil of lemon helps to minimize this harm.

Not less well in respect of giving of gloss to nails oil of grapefruit and orange. One more known and demanded means in fight for beautiful nails is ylang-ylang oil. Only one drop of means that nails became stronger, thicker and more beautiful suffices. This oil is frequent apply also to polish of nails. Oil of bergamot is similar in the characteristics to lemon. It also perfectly protects plate from bacteria and prevents inflammations because of incorrectly cut cuticle or the torn-off hangnail. Essential oil of geranium promotes finger skin moistening around nail bed. As a result of it, the cuticle remains optimum humidified, and hangnails disappear. Besides, this oil is capable to add gloss even to very dim nails. If you want to humidify nail plate, it is better to choose eucalyptus oil - it perfectly keeps moisture in plate. Oil of rosemary will suit those who not only want to strengthen nails, but also to breed them. It has antiseptic properties that does it by irreplaceable means when holding procedure of cut manicure. Essential oil of tea tree holds specific place in the list of the means which are used when carrying out manicure. It both antiseptic agent, and the means recovering both nails, and the wounded cuticle. Besides. it is excellent antioxidant. Sea-buckthorn oil - one more excellent means which helps to restore and cure nails. The only thing that should be considered that it is very easily soiled. So it is necessary to apply it with extra care.

How to apply oil to strengthening of nails

For a start you need to choose that oil by means of which you will carry out treatment to the nails. It is necessary to be guided in this question only by the preferences in aromas.

It is necessary to remember that experts allow mixture of oil for nails with other oils which are not intended for this purpose. Sometimes such combination gives the strong effect is much more scarlet.

Besides, you remember that all essential oils in pure form are not used. They should be parted with base oils - peach, almond, jojoba, etc. It is possible to look after nails by means of oils in different ways. One of them - to add oil to hand cream. It is enough to add couple of drops of means to cream and to apply it on hands, to carefully rub and enjoy aroma and effect. It is necessary to make such procedure at each use of cream. As option, it is possible to do hand baths. For this purpose sea salt, warm water, oil and special capacity will be necessary for you. At first drip oil on salt (there will be also 3 drops enough), and then fill in all with water. Lower in the capacity of hand and take about 15 minutes. Then get hands, carefully wipe and smear with fat cream. You can make also special mask for nails. And its main plus will be that she from the simplest and available products prepares. So, for example, you can take boiled potato and tablespoon of cream of average fat content. Together crush everything and mix in the blender, add oil and apply on hands. It is necessary to hold mix 20 minutes. Answer to question: how many it is necessary procedures for recovery of nails - directly depends on condition of your nails. Than it it is worse, those should work with them longer. But it is not reason for grief. The aromatherapy so remarkably lightens the mood! And to how many ladies it has returned self-confidence!

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