What exercises it is possible to remove bags under eyes

What exercises it is possible to remove bags under eyes

Bags under eyes can appear even at young girls. They arise because under thin eyelid skin liquid accumulates. It is possible to help the organism, carrying out exercises from bags under eyes.

Hypostases can be consequence of diseases of internals, for example, of kidneys. But often bags appear from behind improper feeding, sleep debt, non-compliance with the drinking mode. Also bags appear because with age the person gets fat, and under eyes excess fat accumulates.

Exercises for removal of puffiness

It is worth beginning with the exercises smoothing wrinkles and removing excess liquid. For a start it is necessary to make warm-up.

Often blink within minute. Then put halfbent forefingers on eyebrow, having pressed the bent thumbs external corners of eyes. Begin to squint strongly, pressing of fingers without allowing eyelid skin to screw up the face.

Put forefingers on the middle of mobile century. At the same time do not close eye. Slowly lower look down, interfering with closing of eyes with fingers. Finally you have to close eye, having overcome resistance of fingers. During exercise try not to wrinkle forehead and not to frown. Index and average fingers stretch eye from external corner. At the same time strongly blink, creating pressure in eyeball, but not wrinkling forehead. Now slightly open eyes, continuing to squint. You have to have feeling that eyes try to be rolled out through small shchelochka. Constantly you watch the pressure force of fingers. Such gymnastics from hypostases around eyes is capable to rejuvenate face on 5 flyings.

Complex for weight loss of the person

Put lips letter "O", having made opening minimum. As it is possible put out through it tongue further. At this time raise eyes up, trying to glance back. Blink as often as possible, at the same time delaying the lower jaw down so that the mouth did not open. As much as possible relax face muscles. Strain eyeballs and begin to rotate them here and there. Then add exercises from bags under eyes drawing of figures look. Put both hands that finger-tips adjoined on forehead. Now slightly part fingers – skin of forehead will a little stretch. You will strongly stare as if unreasonably were surprised. Do not interfere with raising of eyebrows, but palms do not allow forehead to screw up the face. Stand for several seconds. The gymnastics from hypostases around eyes comes to the end with acupuncture massage. Put middle fingers on internal corners of eyes and on breath press, you will not feel slight pain yet. Hold the breath for couple of seconds. Slowly exhaling, weaken pressure. Then repeat pressing again.

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