What expiration date at cosmetics

What expiration date at cosmetics

will do benefit or harm depends on whether terms of its storage are observed. After their expiration, habitual ink or face cream can lead to various skin diseases, irritation, allergy.


  1. Creams with vitamin C and also the creams protecting skin from ultra-violet radiation are capable to live only three-four months. Therefore it does not make sense after the end of beach season carefully to hide the means remains in bedside table or the fridge. Next year all of you will not be able equally to use it.
  2. A little longer life at the creams intended for face care. They are capable to hold on up to six months, caring for skin and performing all the functions. It is desirable not to store means in the fridge or the bathroom, not to forget to close densely cover and not to gain weight fingers, and to use special shovel if that was applied to jar. Similar term can serve to you and foundation for the person.
  3. Eight months – such is expiration date of autosuntan and liquid eyeliners. During this time you can without fear use cosmetics. If your autosuntan is released in the form of spray, then it will serve to you for few months longer.
  4. Blush, eye shadow and nail varnish can use within year. Face make-up should be applied with clean hands or brush if you want it to have served to you longer. If you want to prolong life to favourite varnish, send it for storage in the fridge.
  5. To shampoos, shower gels and lipstick otmeryan decent term – two years. Lipstick that it has safely served the stated time, should be held far away from heat sources.
  6. The real long-livers are deodorants and planimetric pencils. They will serve to you three years if do not end before this term.
  7. The expiration date of cosmetic is influenced by conditions of its storage. Refuse habit for months to drag the same arsenal of means in handbag. Cosmetics in such conditions to spoil quickly, in particular in the flying. Choose means with narrow neck or the doser. Such form of bottle will interfere with hit of microbes. Wash hands before using cosmetics – it will also protect your means from uninvited microscopic guests. Also you remember that the optimum place for storage of cosmetics is shelf in the closed case.
  8. Even if cosmetics had no expiration date, the situation when at means color or smell has changed has to guard you, it became other consistence: spreads or forms lumps. Cream, it is better to send lip gloss and powder which causes in you suspicions to garbage can resolutely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team