What expiration date at decorative cosmetics

What expiration date at decorative cosmetics

are surprised when favourite means for make-up changes the properties. For example, quality ink suddenly begins to irritate eyes, shadows roll down, and lipstick leaves feeling of burning on lips. Not to endanger health skin, it is necessary to check expiration date of decorative cosmetics constantly.

Insidiousness of means for make-up that it is almost impossible to determine by their appearance they have deteriorated or not. One of indicators of ageing of lipsticks is the specific smell. And here shadows for years can keep original form, without changing at the same time aroma.

Information to reflection

Cosmetics period of storage marked on packing – – remains 2-3 years relevant before the first opening of bottle. From the moment of contact of product with air its expiration date is reduced by 3-6 times.

Even luxury cosmetics can be low-quality. Therefore it is worth thinking why the prices of expensive means fall – most likely, they finish expiration date, or conditions of their storage have not been met. Considering these factors, you should not buy similar products for the future. Otherwise the expiration date of decorative cosmetics will be under doubt, on bottle often do not specify date of production.

So after all – how many?

Mascara in open form is stored no more than half a year. This term is cut by half for products with color pigments – blue, green, golden, - and also the means intended for sensitive eyes. Lipsticks keep freshness within year. If to apply them with brush, washing away it after each use, products will serve 2 years. At the slightest change of smell, taste or structure, lipstick needs to be thrown out. Expiration date of decorative cosmetics for century too small. Dry shadows are stored 2-3 years, creamy – year and a half. Planimetric pencils – no more than a year. Tone means on fat basis will be useful to skin within two years. For water-based creams the term is reduced twice. Dry proofreaders, blush, compact powders it is possible to use at most 2 years. Friable powder – 3-4 years. It is necessary to be very careful with the creamy adjusting means which are on sale in open packing. For example, cream powder quickly becomes nursery of bacteria if not to erase the sponge which is included in the package regularly. Besides, it is not recommended to touch such products fingers. The only product which will not do harm after there is term of its storage is nail varnish. The truth is means will not be such any more effective as earlier. Also the expiration date of cosmetics is influenced by conditions of its storage. It is worth protecting products from the sun, frost, humidity. The perfect place for make-up bag is the closed cool dry locker.

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