What face pack is useful for the night

What face pack is useful for the night

Night is the best time for recovery of skin after the long working day. Face packs for the night perfectly feed the person, enrich skin with necessary microelements, inflammations calm.

It is required to you

  • Kefir, white clay, lemon juice, honey, banana.


1. Kefiric mask - one of the best options for the night. Its secret of rejuvenation is in chemical composition. Retinolum promotes synthesis of collagen in cages and eamedlyat skin aging process. Thiamin helps to remove inflammation and to calm the angry skin. Riboflavinum smoothes wrinkles. Folic acid protects from harmful factors of the external environment. The pyridoxine treats problem skin: pimples and eels. Vitamin E does skin shining, restores complexion. For preparation of mask for oily skin take low-fat kefir. And for dry skin use kefir with the high content of fat content.

2. Prepare mask with kefir and green tea so: mix tablespoon of the pounded green tea with three tablespoons of kefir, add teaspoon of flour and olive oil. Put mask even layer on face and leave for the night. By the morning, skin will become soft, fresh, and wrinkles will be smoothed. Also for the night it is convenient to use mask from kefir and cottage cheese. For this purpose mix three tablespoons of kefir with one spoon of fat cottage cheese. Such mask is especially useful to dry face skin.

3. For oily skin make honey mask. Take two tablespoons of kefir, mix with protein and teaspoon of liquid honey. One more option of mask for oily skin - grassy. Take sage, camomile and calendula in equal quantity, fill in herbs with glass of boiled water and draw half an hour. After that mix three tablespoons of kefir with the same amount of grass infusion. In order that the mask kept on face, add a little flour (tablespoon). Masks for oily skin pull together time, reduce wrinkles, do skin smooth.

4. For effective fight against pimples make mask of clay for the night. Dissolve white clay in green tea (tablespoon), add to mix of 10 drops of lemon juice. In night the mask can strongly dry skin therefore for the morning surely prepare the moisturizing cream. For disposal of eels make the following procedure: take laundry soap, wet it and wipe with it pimples. And in the morning properly wash warm water. Soap in night dries pimples and helps to get rid of them.

5. For normal skin care prepare mix of natural honey and banana for the night. You put weight on face thin layer that it has not soiled bed linen. Wash away mask warm water in the morning. Skin as a result will become incredibly soft and fresh.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team