What face packs are useful at enlarged pores

What face packs are useful at enlarged pores

Practical each woman faces enlarged pores on face. Such problem skin requires special care and regular application of special means for narrowing of time. It is not obligatory to use expensive cosmetics. The necessary effect can achieve by means of the masks prepared in house conditions independently.

Ways of fight against enlarged pores

Many people — generally women — quite often meet such problem as enlarged pores on the surface of skin. It is difficult to disguise skin with enlarged pores tone means, it often inflames owing to what there are rashes and reddenings. It should be noted that this defect cannot disappear in itself therefore it is recommended to apply regular and effective ways to fight against it.

Now many various means and methods which deal with this problem are known. The most effective ways of its decision are cosmetics, quite often expensive, and the face packs incorporating components of plant origin. Masks often can be prepared independently in house conditions.

Recipes of masks at enlarged pores

Clay mask. For narrowing of time it is possible to do mask on the basis of clay. Its preparation requires blue clay, milk and honey. Each of components in number of one tablespoon. Ingredients need to be mixed and added carefully to the received mix several drops of juice of lemon. On face it is necessary to hold mask no more than 30 minutes. Mask from egg white. For preparation of similar mask it is required to beat egg white and to add to it several droplets of lemon juice then this mix is put on face and about twenty minutes keep. As soon as the mask properly dries up, it can be washed away. Such self-made cosmetic renders good effect at fight against open time, however, in addition, it can be used also at appearance of the first wrinkles. Kefiric mask. It is possible to apply any kefir with the content of fat to its creation and the fat-free kefir. This mask suits not all. It is connected with availability in kefir of the acid causing irritation on skin. To understand, such mask approaches or not, it is put for three minutes and if on skin no reddenings appear, then it is possible to hold safely it about half an hour. After mask, skin needs to provide rest. You should not use cosmetic and tone means, to subject skin to influence of low and high temperatures, to visit sunbed and is in the open sun. At washing off it is impossible to use warm water as it expands time. For this reason many cosmetologists recommend to wash daily only cool water. It is important to remember that masks put two times a week on face, and they have to be various.

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