What face types suit the extended caret

What face types suit the extended caret

The extended caret in 2014 is at the peak of popularity both among fashionistas, and among the women watching themselves. Its simplicity and refinement does this hairstyle irreplaceable in creation of magnificent image. The extended caret approaches any face type, however various options of its execution and laying allow to improve the lines even more.

Advantages of the extended caret

The extended hairstyle caret gives symmetry and softness to women with little head, and to ladies with large to proportions allows to emphasize gentle contours and features and also to hide its small shortcomings. In addition, the hairstyle can perfectly approach huge number of dresses – the extended option of hairstyle will decorate both evening dress, and strict office suit.

Distinctive stroke of the extended caret is the direct bang which allows the woman to look fresh always and is young.

The long bang of the extended caret adds to image of special piquancy, femininity and lightness. The direct pro-thinned-out bang with fervent curls will make her owner impudent and courageous. Strict independent women will be is ideal by the extended caret with short, absolutely equal form. Experiments with hair parting will help to add shades to hairstyle – it can be both slanting, and to straight lines. Coloring of the extended caret by means of bright paints and deep shades will give to creativity hairstyle.

Face types for the extended caret

The extended caret approaches any face type – the round face is found by proportionality, and heavy lines are counterbalanced and utonchatsya. However at the same time you should not do parting in the middle and to cut off accurate horizontal lines of caret. The narrow and oval face is perfectly combined with the graduated extended caret with direct thick bangs.

To give to hairstyle additional volume, it is necessary to make negligent and even slightly chaotic laying.

At square shape of the person, the extended caret will soften lines and will create ideal oval at the expense of the falling locks of direct long bang. Such hairstyle in various options emphasizes the dignity of the person and hides its shortcomings. However the extended caret demands careful leaving and the correct laying – it needs to be straightened monthly and to stack every day that the hairstyle did not look shapeless and uncombed. When laying caret moist hair it is necessary to dry up phenom and to tighten up the ends inside by means of round hairbrush. Straight hair can achieve use of skeletal hairbrush or the iron. The curliness is reached with use of the curling iron or the hair curlers tied on moist hair then curls need to be fixed by skin for fixing of curls to dry up their phenom and to comb fingers. It will provide to the extended caret natural and stylish negligent look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team