What factors cause set of excess weight?

What factors cause set of excess weight?

It is a lot of people wishing to find the good figure which is not burdened with extra kilos, often, having touched set of diets, cannot understand why those are inefficient. They quite often do not realize the main mistake - the fact that they do not take factors which promote enrollment and maintaining surplus of weight into account, and therefore do not try to cope with these negative phenomena.

The considerable number of inhabitants of the planet should face personally problem of excess weight - or they have predisposition to the similar negative phenomenon. Often such people if they are far from medicine and dietology, believe as if in this plan the balanced food is capable to solve all their problems. However, as it becomes clear, such measures happen insufficiently. Set of excess weight can be promoted by set of the factors accompanying life of the modern person, and unhealthy diet - only one of them. If people have worked to learn what causes emergence of excess kilograms, results of such researches extremely would surprise them.

For example, one of the most significant reasons of the similar phenomenon the stress by right is considered. For residents of megalopolises it became the constant satellite. They are especially subject to risk to catch number of extra kilos owing to overexpenditure of nervous cages.

Successfully to cope with stressogenny factors, it is worth learning to relax. For example, to use for this purpose meditation or just to listen to the calming music.

Business here even not in habit of some representatives of the human race to jam the problems. In addition, during stress in organism there is strengthened production of cortisol. This hormone promotes preservation in body of fat layer - in particular in abdominal area (on stomach and hips). To save itself from set of excess kilograms owing to stress, once the thicket remembers since the childhood the acquired phrase inability of nervous cages to restoration and to learn to relax when problems cause excessive nervousness. Any effective means - meditative practice, soothing aromatic oils, etc. will fit. Among the reasons of set of excess weight also problems with dream are registered. The regular sleep debt or insomnia are harmful not only the fact that they do not allow organism to have a rest fully. They also strongly slow down metabolism thanks to what excess kilograms will settle on body very quickly. Besides the sleepy person feels serious energy shortage which he is eager to fill by all means. Often for the sake of it he uses the products containing digestible carbohydrates - for example, sweets. Such food causes short-term inflow of cheerfulness, but here does not favor to maintaining symmetry at all.

Not to test sleep debt, it is necessary to carry out in embrace of Morpheus at least hours 7-8. It is necessary to go to bed still till midnight to do not pass the hours, most fertile for night rest.

The completeness can be promoted also by availability at the person of allergy. More precisely, the similar scenario is possible if the patient is treated by antihistaminic medicines. Many of them cause unknown increase in appetite. (By the way, for this reason they are quite often appointed having anorexia.) Those who is eager to keep symmetry of figure should not get habit of eating of food in front of the monitor of the computer or the TV. In similar circumstances of people usually eats much more, than it is required to its organism. Besides really to be saturated with food, it is necessary to enjoy its eating fully: to savor each piece, to see, how appetizingly it looks. When viewing TV or sitting at the computer the person in general does not look at food, and therefore it is possible to consider that it has been absorbed for nothing, and soon the feeling of hunger will appear again. The tap water saturated with fluorine also is guilty of set of excess weight. The above-stated substance prevents digestion of iodine which is necessary not only for normal functioning of the thyroid gland which is responsible for production of many hormones, but also for fast metabolism. Certainly, among the frequent reasons of increase in body weight it is necessary to call also the factors connected directly with work of organism or with quality of diet. For example, poor condition of liver, kidneys or GIT, unbalanced menu, love for sweet and too big size of portions. If all these factors to consider and try to level their manifestation, then set of extra kilos can be prevented.

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