What fastest and effective way to grow hair

What fastest and effective way to grow hair

The hair loss and bad growth of hair are problem which reasons can be improper feeding, the postponed diseases, stresses and so on. It is possible to correct situation and to grow hair in rather short terms, using the pepper tincture made in house conditions.

Influence of pepper tincture

Any alcohol-containing solution has the warming property, and pepper only strengthens it. At hit on head skin this means initiates rush of blood to indumentum that leads to activization of hair bulbs and, as a result - to growth of hair.

But you remember that spirit tincture can be applied only on roots. Otherwise, you do much harm to hair, having made them fragile and dry. Besides, not to overdry head integument, do not apply tincture more often than 1-2 times a week.

Recipe for pepper tincture

To make pepper tincture, you to be necessary: - 100 milliliters of alcohol or vodka; - 1 pod of burning pepper of the average size. Crush pepper by means of knife. Do it very accurately and in rubber gloves. Then shift it in glasswares, fill in with vodka or alcohol and densely close cover. Put to the dark and cool place. Insist within 2-3 weeks. You can replace alcohol or vodka with burdock or olive oil, observing proportions of the previous recipe. You receive more sparing means against hair loss, but less effective.

Use of pepper tincture as mask

To prepare mask for oily hair, part pepper tincture and kefir in the ratio 1:1. Kefir promotes growth of hair and also mitigation of influence of pepper tincture. Apply mix to head skin, wrap plastic bag and towel. You hold mask within 30 minutes. If you have too sensitive skin, add more kefir. Wash up the head warm water with use of shampoo. If you are owner of dry hair, prepare mix from pepper tincture and burdock oil, having connected these components in equal proportions. Apply structure on roots of hair and leave for 20-30 minutes then wash away plentiful amount of water. Besides, consider that pepper tincture can influence chemical composition of hair-dye, to be exact the painting pigment. To avoid emergence of undesirable shade of hair, apply pepper tincture not earlier than in 7 days after coloring. Also for dyed hair you can use grass broths depending on hair color. For example, if you are blonde, you perfectly will suit camomile broth. Apply broth of onions peel to dark hair. And nettle broth - the universal remedy suitable for hair of any color. Make mask having connected the chosen broth and pepper tincture in the ratio 1:1. Apply to head skin and leave for 30-40 minutes then wash away warm water.

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