What figure is pleasant to men

What figure is pleasant to men

Contrary to popular opinion that men like only women with ideal appearance and model figure it is proved for a long time that actually it absolutely not so. Each man has own taste, and any female figure can dement some man.


1. If your parameters are far from ideal 90-60-90, it it does not matter. Many men are attracted by curvy shapes, and they choose to themselves in the darling of women at whom is for what "to be taken". Some men even forbid the favourite ladies "in body" to keep to diets that they always remained in appetizing form.

2. It is necessary to remember after all that, having taken the weight and curvy shapes, you have to watch yourself. Now there is set of shops with stylish clothes of the big sizes where fat women can change to unrecognizability. The correct clothes will make you even more attractive to the man. On forget also about make-up, beautiful hairstyle, respect for standards of personal hygiene.

3. If you have complex because of excess folds on waist, the drooped buttocks, full legs, undertake measures for improvement of the physical shape. In spite of the fact that the man in love often does not pay attention to such shortcomings of your body, small for it, being in power of love, he will notice that you became even more beautiful if you work on the figure. Having increased to itself men's interest, you also fall in love with the body stronger.

4. Register to the gym or begin to do house gymnastics, training certain groups of muscles. The beautiful body is not ideal body, and what watch which is in good physical shape.

5. The same concerns also those girls who have thin, teenage figure. By means of physical activities, healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle it is possible to correct shortcomings of body and to make figure attractive to men.

6. If fall in love with the figure, then you watch it, admire. Remember that your natural beauty, than, for example, silicone breast is more important for the man. The self-assured woman knowing the price to the advantages will manage to present to the man the figure so that she will become for him ideal of beauty and grace.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team