What forms happen at the increased nails

What forms happen at the increased nails

For the last few years the increased nails have gained great popularity. Building allows to make ideal manicure with any long and shape of nail. When choosing form it is necessary to be guided not only fashion trends, but also such criteria as shape of hands, length of fingers, way of life and profession. There are 16 various forms allowing to choose ideal option for any woman.

Classical shapes of nail

The most common classical form is the square. It will be ideal for owners of long, beautiful fingers and will give to their image severity and elegance. On square shape it is possible to make any drawing and design from the French manicure to extravagant combinations.

The square shape has versions: accurate, soft square and square with expanded edges. The form with the rounded edges is more practical since corners do not cling to things and hair.

One more common form is the oval. This form differs in the fact that the free edge of nail has the rounded shape repeating the line of nail smile. Nails of such form look more naturally and are practical in daily sock. The shape of nail combining square and oval forms is called skvouvat. It on outlines reminds soft square, but at the same time the free edge has bigger curve. Such form is very practical and suits women the engaged household or other manual work. Nails of almond-shaped form differ in slightly made narrower free part and lack of regions. This form will be ideal for girls with short and wide fingers. The increased nails of such form look most naturally. They are convenient in daily sock and will be ideal for any style. One more not less common form — stylet. This form well looks on long nails. Allocate several types of stylet: mown, it is mown — the twirled nail and peak. Such form has sharp narrowing by the end therefore not really is suitable for daily socks. Such form is chosen by the bright and extravagant girls who are not afraid of special attention.

Fantasy shapes of nails

Besides classical forms there are unusual, fantasy forms. It can execute them only to the qualified master. Let them be not always appropriate in everyday life, but owners of such manicure will not remain unattended in any company. Treat unusual forms slanted square, eydzh and Bridget. The slanted square is carried out on the basis of classical square shape. At the same time the free edge of nail is mown from little finger to thumb. Sometimes the bevel is done to middle finger. Such form visually extends fingers, doing, even wide hand, graceful and womanly. The slanted square can be done at any length of nails therefore it will be ideal for daily socks and will be good alternative to classical square.Eydzh — the nails of geometrical form reminding blade edge. Such form has longitudinal side on the center of nail plate. Nails with such design look very effectively and brightly, but it is unnatural. Such manicure is ideal for parties and is not absolutely convenient in everyday life. Bridget's form is novelty of the nail industry. It has 3 flat sides meeting in one point by the end of nail. Only the true professional of the business is capable to execute such design. Nails of such form are inconvenient in sock, but thanks to the singularity and extravagance they will leave nobody indifferent. Selecting shape of the increased nails it is necessary to understand accurately that with them it is necessary to carry out daily duties. Therefore the chosen form has to meet as much as possible daily requirements and bring to their owner comfort and esthetic satisfaction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team