What foundation to choose for the spring

What foundation to choose for the spring

The attractive spring image of the woman is impossible without well-groomed person. Basis of any make-up is the right choice of the masking means. According to the conducted researches, women who do not use decorative cosmetics find in themselves signs of aging quicker. Really applications of tone means it is so necessary?

What foundation to choose for the spring

It is no secret that in the spring skin demands special care. When choosing cream it is very important to decide on skin type. So, cream on liquid foundation is useful to dry skin; the dense texture will be suitable for sensitive skin; for oily skin and problem skin it is better to use means which has no dense basis and oils.

Use of tone means in the spring

In spring time use of tone means is necessary first of all:

  • · for the maximum protection of the person.

Large number of modern tone means differ from those that were earlier. They are developed in such a way that their basis is capable not to hammer time and not to create effect of mask. Fine particles, as a rule, are created from useful natural minerals which provide equal drawing and do not do harm to skin. Such tone means protect face from pollution: raise dust, etc. But many women do not guess this protective function and use tone means only for the purpose of masking of shortcomings of skin.

  • · for moistening. 

The moistening tone means can be applied to clean skin, day cream for fixing of make-up.

  • · for anti-aging effect. Well picked up foundation will allow to tighten skin not worse than many other means. As a part of such means there have to be enzymes of seaweed (for elasticity of skin), special reflective components (for freshness of skin), minerals of tourmaline or malachite (for improvement of complexion). For efficiency the makeup artists recommend to mix foundation with the moisturizing tonic, cream concentrate.
  • · for protection against sunshine.

It is very important that tone means incorporated SPF factor not less than 15. It is necessary for the maximum protection of skin against the sun.

Besides, foundation should be applied to matting of skin, prevention of wrinkles and greasy luster also.

Choice of tone means

For right choice of the masking means pay attention to color and texture of means. Makeup artists recommend to choose tone means one color more dark or are lighter than natural complexion. For example, will be suitable for swarty face skin beige-peach or dark beige; the beige shade will be suitable for pink complexion; for yellow shade of skin – beige-pink color.

The wrong choice of the adjusting means will spoil appearance of the person and will provide it affectation. It is better to test color on parts of the body which answer complexion.

We cause tone color correctly

Cosmetologists recommend to apply foundation with massage movements on all site of the person without exception. Uniform distribution of tone means will provide natural complexion. Be not overzealous with quantity of the put tone means.

Tone means can be put with hands, brush or sponge. Liquid cream it is better to put with fingers, and to wet surplus by means of sponge. It is reasonable to use brush for more dense texture of tone means.

You remember not to fall victim of beauty use the qualitative masking means, otherwise instead of beautiful skin you get allergic rash.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team